Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Freezer's On A Diet

My freezer is on a diet. Once my oven was working again, I felt it was time to move onto the freezer, whose gasket was gaping in several places.

"For one thing, ma'm," began the freezer repairman, "this freezer's too full." "Well, don't let my family hear that," I thought. They already think I'm crazy because I keep a decent pantry and I knew I'd be in for more of the same if they heard about the freezer.

Okay, time for a freezer diet. Out came a gallon of frozen milk (to become yogurt). Out came a few bags of frozen grains (note to self: stop buying things like wheat germ in 5 pound bags). A few bags of strawberries made their way to the fridge freezer. And I promised myself no more freezer jam -- everything will have to be canned from now on!

"So I'm getting a quarter of a beef in a few months," I casually told the freezer repairman. "Well then, I suggest you get yourself another freezer, ma'm."

Fortunately, Michael doesn't think I'm crazy (as my family does). He thought a second freezer was a great idea and even offered to put more shelving up in the pantry to help me have more storage space. (Gotta love a guy like that!)

So, today found me driving south to pick up my new freezer -- 16 cubic feet, not frost free (better for meat storage), chest-type, found on Craig's List. It'll be sitting next to the upright in my pantry. The pantry is now a mess, with everything overflowing into the kitchen, all awaiting my attention. But we have the freezer and the new arrangement is going to be great! And, we'll have room for that cow (pictured above and grazing happily just 1 1/2 miles from here). I just need to get the pantry organized before the party I'm hosting happens Monday night!

And before I end, I just have to remind you how wonderful beet greens are -- especially when sauteed in olive oil and browned garlic with balsamic vinegar drizzled over at the end. I wish there were leftovers.....

Oh, and let me also mention that our toilet stopped working downstairs and had to be replaced -- today. And I think I maybe shouldn't have mentioned to the boys that it's the kind that can flush 20 golf balls at once.


willow said...

Hello Heather,
You are very busy but then you always seem to be a very organised person so I'm sure you'll be ready for your party.
How do the children feel about seeing the cows in the field and then realising that there is one in the freezer destined to become Sunday lunch?! I remember when the boys were very small we had to call everything "meat" because the words lamb or chicken caused a sudden drop in appetite. I'm sure your beef will be very tasty though.

Lovella ♥ said...

oh .. I'm smiling as I read this. . How many times have I tried to close the fridge or freezer and have had to reopen it to readjust the contents before having success.
While I was growing up . . it was not unusual for the friends in the field to be picked up from time to time and later be found resting comfortably in the big chest freezer. It is so nice having lots of options come meal time.

Monica said...

I think it is time for everything to break. I feel your pain. In the past week we had our roof/closet fixed, our van needs a repair and our dishwasher is not working. So it goes:)

Enjoy your new freezer- I know you'll be filling it with all kinds of yummy things.

Christina said...

Ah, H, we just love to tease you! Honestly, I think you are an amazing mother & cook. I'm envious of how you stock your pantry and freezer and I hope to learn how you do it in the near future. After all, didn't I get my little freezer because you had a freezer? Love ya, sis! You're the best!

StephanieK said...


I get the scare conversation because I leave my pantry so empty..."what would happen if there was a flood or a tornado???" I always say what I do have will be wet or in Kentucky so what difference does it I'll just say, were going to meet at Heather's house! Haha!