Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Party

The house was full of people on Monday night for a baby shower. It was a fall-themed shower, and we had lots of fall treats, like this gluten-free pecan walnut tart. (Recipe to be revealed next month on The Cooks Next Door).

This was my first time making these Walnut Acorn Cookies. They were so cute, and very scrumptious:

Then we had a bright orange sun-dried tomato and cummin hummus that went well with blue cornchips:

I didn't get a picture of the delicious cheese fondue that we also had, thanks to a friend.

To drink we had a mulled cider punch, which I may just have to post over at TCND sometime soon:

Mom came over a few hours early and helped transform the house from major disaster into peaceful abode. She also helped with the decorations:

We played "Guess the weight of the pumpkin" and then read out cards with questions or statements like "Don't make your child eat ____________ ".

Oh, and we also enjoyed this amazing pumpkin cake with cream-cheese frosting. Our cake-maker friend (see previous post) provided this cake and I'm thinking we're going to need it for TCND.
We are in the midst of Indian Summer! I think that calls for a trip to the park........


Heather said...

Everything looks so yummy Heather - what a lovely baby shower you put on! We had weekend company too - the mom's from our home school co-op! It was so much fun! I was so pleased to be feeling well enough to do it up right! My co-committee member became ill and wasn't able to be here - but we had a nice time. I think i need that tart recipe ... and the cake too! I made a pumpkin dip to go with gingersnaps that would have gone nicely with your fall theme - it was yummy and pretty too!

Andria said...

Oh Heather...this is amazing, and beautiful. I'm sure the ladies are still enjoying the memories of that special event!

carlaquigley said...

I love hummus, the one you had looks really yummy! I love the idea of the blue chips too, how fun!

Megan said...

Thanks for such a special night! It was absolutely wonderful! I felt quite showered and loved. :)

Ruth MacC said...

Hi Heather, who was the shower for? I love baby John's knitted tank-top!

Ruth MacC said...

Hi there Heather, I was just on your sisters blog and noticed that John was baptised. Is she a Catholic? Maybe it is a tradition in her Church? Dying to know but didn't want to ask her... just in case I offend:o)