Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Beautiful Christmas

Finally, I've managed to get some Christmas pictures uploaded!!! Christmas was a lovely day, even relaxing, and it will be a special memory in the years ahead.

Here is the tree on Christmas Eve, all ready for Christmas morning:

Mom sent over flowers which Emily arranged. They made it look bright and festive:

The children are allowed to come out of their rooms at 8 a.m. and open their stockings (without waiting for us). Later, before we begin opening presents, Michael reads from Luke 2.

Here are the excited children:

Breakfast was taken in the living room so we could eat and open presents at the same time:

Thanks to my new camera the day looked bright and full of light, instead of gray, rainy and overcast like it really was:

The kids loved eating in the living room with the food right in reach:

And presents were so fun to open!
James loved the hat I knitted for him:

All the kids were thrilled with the playmobile pieces we picked out for them:

Festive presents for Emily:

Tea: a necessity on Christmas Day:

Andrew was so excited to receive a real tool kit:

Rachel spent the day building a lego house:

And the boys played with their new toys:

My new silver goblets (found at Salvation Army for about 60 cents each!):

Grandma came around 1 for the rest of the day:

And then Uncle JK, Auntie C and baby John:

After more presents, and the advent of John and Cornelia W., we sat down for a delicious Christmas dinner (food requires a separate post):

Kiss the Cook:
After dinner there was a "White Elephant" gift exchange with not-so-white-elephant gifts. (I got a gorgeous silver bell):

And some sang carols at the piano:

And the sisters gathered for a picture:

And then another Christmas was over.


The syders said...

WoW Beautiful photo's...looks like you had a wonderful christmas!
Love your christmas table...you dressed it so perfectly...lovely lovely lovely!

Lovella ♥ said...

Your Christmas does look like it was wonderful. I really did smile watching Rachel have her lego all organized before her. Oh how many years did we give our boys lego .. .so fun.

Ruth MacC said...

It's lovely to see the photo of your husband reading the Bible on Christmas day. Just as it should be. Well done Andrew with his tool kit! Your silver is beautiful as is the photo of your whole family together. I am sorry your Uncle wasn't there with you all though Heather.