Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Trip to the Zoo

We got to go to the Zoo yesterday! I found out Sunday night that most attractions in the city would be free with a canned food donation on MLK Day. We haven't been to the zoo in several years, so we thought it would be a great chance for the kids.

Despite the freezing (32F) temps, we did have fun -- mostly because there is an indoor dolphin show and indoor ocean and desert exhibits.

And penguins are just too cute!!! I think they smell, at least at the zoo, but they are just adorable, and some of the little ones have the cutest little tufts of hair sticking out from their heads.

It's cold again, but with no snow, making for gray kind of days. Our dishwasher is giving us all kinds of problems due to hard water, soap, etc. I'm going to have to wash by hand all our dishes for the next few days and see if I can get things working better. It's the grit that sticks inside the glasses and sandpaper feeling on the dishes that is so annoying.
When I have a moment I'm sewing pink, lavender and blue flowers, or trying to knit another row on my cardigan. I need to get serious about preparing for the baby -- finding one or two pieces of furniture, figuring out the bedding, and making a diaper bag (which I'm mentally designing).
Now it is time to go wash some of those dishes and put some laundry away before tackling dinner. All in a day's work....


Rachel said...

Looks like you had a great time out. We're going to the zoo tomorrow! I promised the children I'd take them if they were especially good these last two days while I de-cluttered the school room.
We had hard water in our last house, and the only thing that shifts the lime left over from it (it was lime where we lived, so I assume it's lime where you are too), is white vinegar. We used to wash our electric jugs out with it every few months. I wonder if that would work in your dishwasher?
I hated cleaning the glass doors on the shower - had to scrub and scrub with white vinegar.
Rachel L

Heather said...

How fun! We used to live very close to a small zoo and every trip was an adventure! We need to plan to go again soon!

Have you tried Lemi-Shine dishwasher cleaner (3 pack at Wallyworld for $4) in your machines? We also have hard water and find that every so often we get the grit on glassware and clouding - we use regular Lemi-Shine with the detergent and then once a month I run through the cleaner and take all the filters out and soak them in LimeAway. Nasty stuff that LimeAway, not for you to do whilst you are expecting, but wonderfully effective! Do you use vinegar instead of rinse agent? We do every third 'fill up' and that helps too. hope you get this solved - I know how frustrating it can be!