Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Presents -- Homemade

I feel like we made more things than I have pictures for, but probably that's because the children were busy with their own little projects and I didn't capture them all.

I think I did already post a picture of James in his hat, but this was definately homemade:

Andrew worked hard to design and sew this quilt for his cousin, John. He laid out all the pieces in the right order and then sewed each row of squares. I put the rows together and he helped to tie all the little knots in each square corner.

One of the kids made this shield for David out of cardboard and tin foil. :)

This is a terrible picture of the felted bag I made for mom.

And I just loved this little mouse ornament -- can't remember if I already posted him. Anyway, I made felted bird, after bird, after bird during December. It was my month off of flowers and so the birds took over. Lots of fun.

And now I'm back to flowers -- wait until you see them. They are so pretty!!! And there's some knitting going on as well.


Heather said...

Not all of our homemade gifts were completed before Christmas, but they were appreciated none the less - your gifts are wonderful - what a special family to have given of themselves in such meaningful ways!

willow said...

Hello Heather
The felted bag is lovely, it looks like fairisle knitting and as you know I like all things Shetland related! I am very impressed by the quilt Andrew made, it must have taken him ages sewing all the squares together, a wonderful gift for his cousin.

Monica said...

I'm so impressed with your children and what they can put their minds to accomplish! How long did it take Andrew to make that quilt?

Ruth MacC said...

If my son made that quilt I would find it very hard to give away, very gifted!!!