Saturday, January 23, 2010

Coffee, Chocolate, Friends....

Yesterday I went on a little foodie tour with Emily which culminated in sitting at Starbucks with another friend, drinking coffee and savoring a whole box of truffles! Wow, was that fun! I highly recommend it. I can't give you more details on the chocolate now, because I'm planning an article for The Cooks Next Door in February. Let's just say it was a terrific way to spend $12 (well, a terrific way for Emily to spend her $12 -- thanks Em!).

In between the chocolate shop and the coffee we stopped at The Flying Cupcake to check it out.

The inside of the shop was adorable! Think Shabby Chic or Cath Kidston.

Everything was done in "my colors." Aren't these tables so cute!

And the displays were precious!

Never mind that the cupcakes weren't quite gourmet. It was still a fun place to visit!

Oh, and a sneak peak of one of the chocolates (each was divided in 4).

The other two partners in crime.

I took cottage cheese with me and was careful to eat very well for the rest of the day and am pleased that I am alive today with no adverse affects. :)
For a bit more on the Cupcake Shop, check out my article over at The Cooks Next Door.


Candice said...

How fun! Glad you got to have some girl-time. And, didn't I hear somewhere that babies whose moms eat chocolate during their pregnancies are happier? Seriously, I think I did hear this! :)

Heather said...

Mmmm! nothing like some good chocolate shared with friends! I'm glad you had such a nice time!