Monday, February 22, 2010


Nesting has definately started around here. However, rather than cleaning (like I probably should) it's all about sewing. Now that Christmas is behind us and the first round of flowers are made and put in the shop, I feel a great urge to finish up all those little projects that have been sitting around forever -- like my friend's wedding gift, my mother's spring purse and my spring purse. I'm making progress!!!

But, Rachel and I finally got out to Joann Fabrics last week to buy some fabric just for our new little girl baby. It was so fun to pick it out!!!

Here are the fabrics for the planned diaper bag -- a recycled jean skirt, some Ralph Lauren rose fabric I found at Goodwill and some pink duck fabric from Joann's.

I decided we needed pretty burp clothes -- no more of the white cloth diapers. Here are the flannel fabric selections, along with the pink chenille-like fabric for the backing.

And last of all the quilt. I found a crib skirt, sheet and bumper set on Craig's List that was originally from Pottery Barn. The only thing missing was the quilt. However, a quilt was the one thing I knew I wanted to make for our baby.
Rachel did a fantastic job helping me to find colors to coordinate. We made a quilt design and cut it out and have almost the whole quilt top sewn together. Pictures will be posted in a separate post. I'm amazed at how much the quilt actually looks like it really goes with the bumper. We even bought checked ribbon to go on the quilt -- just like the bumper.

And now we are off to ballet and then we're going to my sister's to catch our first glimpse of the Olympics. We couldn't pass that up!


Rachel said...

Aren't you having fun! Those are beautiful fabrics. Can't wait to see what you make up with them.

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Thanks for the sneak peak - I've been wondering if you were going to clothe your baby in mice and felted flowers!!!
How fun to be ready to sew a beautiful quilt for your baby! Very pretty fabrics - and so much fun to share this special joy with your big girl! I am sure you are sharing lots of stories about the joys of preparing for Rachel's arrival - our children never tire of that tale! You'll still be outnumbered by your wonderful boys, both big and small, but, the Bible has a lot of good things to say about the strength of three - and God has blessed your family with the joy of expecting a third sweet girl - because us mama's are just grown up girls too! I can hardly wait to 'meet' your newest blessing!

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh the colors and fabrics and textures are just so wonderful. I cant' wait to see the finished product and the baby too of course.