Monday, February 8, 2010

The Weekend

Although the weekend didn't feel crazy busy, it certainly was full. Here's a picture of David doing his nebulizer treatment. Sweet thing. He was very patient and good about doing it and I think he's better now!

Snow started falling Friday morning and continued into the evening. I was out and here's what it looked like over the reservoir:

Fortunately, I was going slow enough to stop when these three deer decided to cross the road in front of me.

After my morning outing it was time to go to the dentist. It was Give Kids A Smile Day and we were SO thankful to get appointments for free dental care for all the children. David was adorable and totally charmed the staff:

At the end the dentist came out to teach the kids the proper way to brush. The kids definately love going to the dentist.
Saturday evening Emily introduced my mom, Christina and me to Roller Derby. She loves to go with friends and it was time for us to see what it was all about.

It was a total hoot! Very fascinating -- not only the skating but the people watching too! Below are the jammers (who make all the points for the teams):

And here is the pack that the jammers have to get through to make points:

Sunday saw the beginning of our first Sunday School program in the evening. It seemed to go well and the kids were all super excited to have classes of their own to attend. We are so happy that there are people willing to teach and help.
Oh, -- the Colts actually lost the superbowl! Well, that was a surprise. I thought for sure they were supposed to win. I can tell you that this city is certainly having a depressed day!
More snow is expected beginning this evening. And cold temperatures for the rest of the week mean it's not going anywhere.
It's time to finish dinner and then head out the door for ballet.


liz nelson said...

i'm glad you got to experience the roller derby!:)

Alaina said...

You beat me to the roller derby - so glad it was fun! Also glad that David is feeling better!

Lovella ♥ said...

Roller derby . .I recall seeing that on TV as a teenager . .but they were a mean pack. This may be one thing that has changed for the better.
Oh your weather looks chilly.. send the snow here.

Rachel said...

You've just answered a question for me that I was asking yesterday. We're watching an old season of Survivor and one of the girls on there calls herself a 'roller girl'. I have been wondering what that meant. Now I know! I guess she's involved in something like this.
Love the dentist pictures. My kids like going to the dental nurse too - it doesn't seem to have the same horror for them that it had for my generation when we were at school (dental care is free here until 16yrs).
It's so nice to see snow and deer!

A Little Bunny said...

hah, that is so funny. what a big crowd! i have been to the portland roller derby - so fun and funny. the names they make are hilarious. i have an outstanding play date with one of the roller moms.

poor little david! im glad he is doing better. kevin had really bad asthma when he was a kid he still has to use the nebulizer sometimes. he even went to asthma camp! heh.