Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's Tea Party

It's taken me awhile to post about our Valentine's Tea Party with Auntie C. She kindly had us over to celebrate a few days early.

The table was all set and ready with teacups, candy, and cards:

And cookies too!

Christina put Valentine jokes in all the cards:

Doesn't her house look serene and beautiful?

Here are the happy children with their aunt. They so kindly complied with my wish that they wear red shirts.

Red was everywhere:

And then Baby John joined the party:

And we all enjoyed making him laugh and smile:

We forced them all to have their pictures taken again and again:

And I had to join them too:

Here's Christina with Baby John:
And my handsome Andrew who was wearing red only because he loved me:

More mice made their appearance:

We've had another dusting of snow overnight -- but just a fraction of an inch. It certainly has been a snowy February -- but, that means more gets done inside! I'm off to get school and chores done and then I'll be taking two of the boys for dental evaluations downtown. It will be a busy day....


A Little Bunny said...

i want to go to one of your parties! i love the mice - wicked cute. it is raining cats and dogs here, although i can't say i mind it. i am sooo close to being done with my rug. i started taking pictures for a tutorial that i will send to you first.

Lovella ♥ said...

Sure it was all about Valentines but secretly I thought you all made quite a picture of Canadian enthusiasm. Lovely photo's Heather.