Saturday, June 19, 2010

Black Raspberries

This week we headed to the woods to pick black raspberries. Picking berries is one of my favorite things and fortunately my kids are growing to love it too!

Most of us had a great time, except for Rachel who said she "met up with too many spiders." The rest of us, now suffering from multiple bug bites, agree there were too many bugs.

We all enjoyed the hand pies we made when we got home.

I think we ended up with about 5+ cups of berries which was more than enough for a large pile of hand pies.

Everyone had their turn.

One child made "juice" with his handful of berries.

Here they are. They could have been sweeter, but we enjoyed them nonetheless.

Yum, yum!!!
The bug bites are influencing my resolve to go back for more berries to make jam. Hmmm....

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Anonymous said...

looks like such fun! (other than the bug bites!)