Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Laura Turns 6 Weeks

Laura turned 6 weeks today! Here are some recent pictures:

She is the sweetest thing to cuddle!

One day she tried a nap in her big crib. Rachel would love it if I would put her there over night, but I haven't yet.

This shows how much hair she has! She wins the prize in our house:

One afternoon the kids and I pulled this out. We have pictures of Rachel wearing the same ears:

The kids ALL love holding Laura:

She looks so tiny in her car seat, even though she's grown since she came home in it!

How can she help but smile when the older kids talk to her!

I love watching Rachel take care of Laura. I can't wait for them to be friends.

And Laura loves her Daddy too....especially when he rescues her from crying.

And now, to bed....


Shannon said...

Love the new pictures! Laura is so sweet!

Nicole said...

Those are the bunny ears I got for Rachel when she was a baby!! :)
I am planning on coming out later this summer for a visit. If Joe can't get off work then I will come by myself with the kids. I must meet my newest niece!!!!

willow said...

Lovely family photographs

Christina said...

she's adorable. What a little girl!

Candice said...

Love the last one of Laura and Michael. Looks like she's thinking, "Ha! I've got Daddy wrapped around my little finger."

Mrs J said...

What a lovely set of photos. She is one bright little button - the eyes say it all!

Amy K said...

Sweet pictures! My favorite is Laura chilling out with Michael on his laptop. :)

Heather said...

Oh my - she is just so sweet! I love that she is a cuddler for you - she has lots of loving arms to be held in!