Monday, June 21, 2010

Laura's Baptism

Yesterday was Laura's baptism. We were all excited about this special day. It was a wonderful time, both at church and then at home with the family. One of my favorite memories will be getting Laura bathed and dressed with the help of the kids who were so excited to participate in that.

After Laura's bath the children took turns brushing her hair:

Then we got her into the baptism slip and then the dress. The outfit was apparently made by my grandmother for my father.

I'm assuming the pink-trimmed bonnet was not my father's. :) Perhaps it came from my mother's side.Here's the whole bunch, one of whom tried to run out the door to church with neon orange flip-flops.
Everyone thinks Laura is adorable and they can't stop hugging and kissing her:

A friend took much better pictures, but I don't have them on my hard drive yet. So here's one of the baptism itself. Dr. Blackwood came over to do it for us.

Happy Father's Day to Michael!!!!

Friends and family joined us here at the house for lunch afterwards. The Brodies were in town, visiting the Blackwoods and it was fun to have them along.

Dr. and Mrs. Blackwood:

Daddy and Mommy:
The fizzy grape juice the hospital gave us when Laura was born:

Rachel and Mrs. Blackwood sat for hours at the piano.
Cheeseballs for appetizers:

The meal:
And the dessert:
"Uncle Robert" reading to the children:

Sweet little Laura, slightly tired:

Here is her afternoon dress, sent by a friend.

And now Michael is gone for the entire week and the kids and I are home alone. We have plenty to keep us occupied, and hopefully we'll have somewhat of a relaxing and fun week. And tomorrow I'll tell you our exciting garden news!!!


Rachel said...

How special to have an heirloom gown for the baptism. What a special day for you all and such a privilege to have the Blackwoods. Nice to see their picture here. Love them.
And the little floral dress looks so pretty and sweet on Laura.

willow said...

Lovely pictures, especially the one of all five children together. A father's day that you will all remember.

Lovella ♥ said...

How very special. The heirloom gown is beautiful. The pictures of the children so beautiful. Blessings on you all!

Mrs J said...

A treasure chest of wonderful pictures! Laura looks as adorable as I am sure she is.
Hope the 'home alone' is going OK!

Catherine said...

How sweet! I love the picture of all the children together and Laura smiling. What a treasure!

Nicole said...

I can't believe you didn't tell me Laura was going to be Baptized! I would have come! :( I guess I will forgive you. :)
She is beautiful and I love both dresses!

Amy K said...

What a special day! Heather, you do everything so beautifully. This is one reason your blog is a favorite--I always know I'll see something beautiful and probably also something yummy! :)

Heather said...

What a lovely photo journal of a very special day! Laura looks so sweet, and obviously she is very treasured!

Monica said...

What a beautiful day it was. You captured it so well in pictures. I know Laura is going to treasure them someday.

Ruth MacC said...

Great photos. I love the one with all the children in it. You look well. I like your outfit. Looks beautiful on you :0)