Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Updated Pictures

Each year for Father's Day Michael gets a new set of wallet pictures of the kids.

This year I kept forgetting to take the pictures.

So we had to do them quickly, before the rain started.

And half way through, the battery went dead in my good camera. So we had to resort to the point and shoot.

And I do have one for Laura, but I couldn't get it to upload properly. :) oh well. Hopefully I'll have them all printed and ready for Michael by Sunday.


Rachel said...

What a lovely idea for Father's Day. Wallet pics are not really done over here - but I'm thinking I might start it up. ;o)
I keep meaning to get back to you about the netball. It is quite different to basketball. The scoring is different and you're not allowed to run with the ball, or hold it for longer than 3 seconds, and there are only 7 players on the court. My grandmother used to call in basketball, but that was because in her day there was no basketball, only netball. Confusing, I know!
I intend to copy the shoe pattern and mail it to you - unless I can figure out how to scan it and email it. It's coming though. :o)

Nicole said...

The picture of Andrew looks just like Michael when he was younger. Crazy!!