Monday, November 1, 2010

Laura at Six Months

I got a few six month pictures of Laura this weekend. I couldn't time it with her NG out, so we'll just have to consider that part of her history.

She's made progress in many ways since last month, so we are thankful for that.

Of course she's as happy as ever.

Don't you want to have three big brothers to take care of you!?

Daddy and his girls.

Not only are brothers great, but sisters too -- especially when they take you off to their room where they make a bed on the floor, "put you to bed", and make you stay there for an hour.

She totally knew it was all a game!

I'm still waiting for Laura's congestion to improve. :( I hate listening to that.

This is my last week home before surgery so I've tried to keep it free of extra busy-ness. Nonetheless, four of the days will involve doctor appointments (not all for Laura)! I'm planning to get out shopping for food, meet my mom for lunch, and have Christina come over and get my knitting projects organized. I'm also trying to do one special thing with each child. Today James and I baked something very, very cute. Can't wait to show you sometime.....


southseaislandhome said...

Laura is so amazing the way she is always smiling - she looks a happy girl.
Meredith does that exact same thing with Alice as well. It's great!

willow said...

Lovely photos Heather. The weight gain is visible in her face isn't it? such a pretty face always smiling, its no wonder everyone wants to be with her.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Yes, her weight gain is really showing! Such a cutie.

I was thinking of Laura when I held Anna on vacation. Anna shows she has no problem gaining weight and wants to eat all the time.

Christopher was born with tummy problems and I remember being thrilled when he gained. (He had projectile vomiting issues for his first year... ugh.)

You all are still in my prayers!

Silvia M. said...

I'm so glad to hear she's gaining weight! All your children are beautiful. :)
I sincerely hope everything goes well with her surgery. I'll be thinking of all of you. Hugs.

Amy K said...

What adorable facial expressions! Such a sweetie.