Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter was a happy day.

I've missed a number of Sundays with sick kids lately so it was nice to be back at church!

Then we headed to Christina and JK's to be with family and friends for a feast.

Christina's house looked beautiful. Everyone chipped in with the food. Craig made these amazing eggs. Absolutely delicious. Can you tell that we are so excited to be adding a "foodie" to the family??!!!!

Christina had a beautiful ice ring in the punch bowl.

Sadly, this is the only shot of Michael I got yesterday.

The table was beautifully set. I wish I had a picture of us all sitting around it. There were three families represented and each family has a wedding happening sometime in the next 7 months. Pretty cool! (And now you know what we talked about -- weddings, and we also were treated to some terrific renditions of bed-time songs by JK. Oh what fun!)

Tulips were everywhere.

Christina managed to knit flowers for napkin rings. Aren't they gorgeous. I believe she has a free pattern on her blog.

The kids had their own table, and plenty of candy.

The buffet was Mediterranean themed and delicious!

I wanted another one of those peppers stuffed with goat cheese......

Christina arranged and egg hunt and Laura had a blast. She is toating the bunny I made for her.

Rachel and Laura were all dressed up so beautifully. Big sister and little sister.

A friend gave me Laura's outfit before she was born and I've been waiting 2 years for her to wear it.

I managed to get a picture of the sisters.

And one of the happy couple too.

Grandma and baby.

And all the kids.

Oh yes, there was dessert: coconut cake and lemon curd pavlova.

We tried natural dyes for Easter eggs this year. Beautiful colors -- very muted and earthy.

John was sporting a very handsome outfit.

And we ended the afternoon by sipping tea on the back porch.

It was certainly a delightful afternoon.

And now we are back to school in earnest -- six weeks left!


MarissaInk said...

I love Laura's outfit. Also your food looks Delicious!! Everyone Looks so happy. I am glad you had a great Easter.

Lovella ♥ said...

OH I love seeing all the Easter finery! It is so fun to watch your children grow and blossom from one season to the next.
The food looks scrumptious and I love the photo of you at the bottom. Did you make your sweater? I bet you did. Unbelievable.

Rachel said...

That is such a gorgeous photo of Rachel and Laura! And thank you for the knitting link for the napkin holders. I love those so much!

Glynis said...

The photography is marvelous, the kids outfits are perfect, the food scrumptuous, what an inspiration!!