Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Words and Wool

The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate and Live Well by Deborah Needleman is the book I am currently loving!!!! This book has brought my decorating ideas back down to earth and inspired me to work on making a cozy and comfortable home for my family and guests. The book is entirely illustrated with watercolors, something I thought might annoy me at first. However, I now love every little painting and have added this book to my "must purchase" list.

Just take a look at the chapter titles:
Nice Lighting
A Proper Welcome
Place for Chatting
A Bit of Quirk
Spots for Books, Drinks & Feet
A Doted-On Bedroom
Bath as a Room
Dinners with Friends
A Personal Narrative
Delicious Scent
A Sense of History

Don't you love those titles!!! I know, it makes you want to just sit down and read right through the book. I just wish there was a companion book with the title "The Perfectly Imperfect Wardrobe: How to Dress and Live in Elegant Comfort. I'm not sure I'm qualified to write that one.......

As for the wool----

I don't think I ever posted this sweet coat I knitted for Laura last spring. Really, it's only begun to fit her this spring.

I got the idea from Posie Gets Cozy and you can find the pattern notes here on Ravelry. It was much easier to knit than it looks and the pattern went along quite quickly. I do love the finished product.

For more ideas on what to read and knit, hop over to Ginny's blog for the weekly Yarn Along.

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Lovella ♥ said...

Such a gorgeous little coat. Last spring you were knitting up little vests for me. I wonder if they will still fit.
That book sounds so fun! Love the titles.

Jessica Snell said...

Just the titles of those chapters make me want to pull up a chair in that house and sink down and sigh in relief, ready to rest and relax. :)

Tracey said...

Well, the book sounds lovely and something I would enjoy reading, but I really must tell you how I love seeing the little coat you knit, it is just the sweetest thing ever!

Esther said...

I have requested the book from the library--I loved her book Domino: The Book of Decorating and bought it after poring over my library copy. :) Very inspiring and this sounds like more of the same!

Esther H

Charis's Mum said...

Your daughter's coat is gorgeous. I love the blue/periwinkle color.

Anonymous said...

The coat is just beautiful! Love the color.

Rachel said...

That is a super sweet little knitted coat. I love it! I'm knitting one for Alice at the moment, but getting bogged down with it - it has been translated from Italian and is not perfect.
I love the sound of that book. I'm ordering it now from Book Depository. Sounds just the sort of thing I need!

HeatherMavis said...

Oh, I want one of those books!
Come to think of it, the sweater too. I bet that would be sweet as mother\daughter(s) sweaters.