Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Words and Wool

 This week I have been glued to the book Rose: My Life in Service to Lady Astor. This book tells the story of Rosina Harrison who served as Lady's Maid to Lady Astor for 35 years, beginning in 1928.

If you like Downton Abbey, you'll love this book! Rose writes in such a readable and interesting way. I found myself dropping every other book I was reading just to concentrate on this one.

As for knitting, I still have not posted a picture of the knitted cupcakes I made for Laura for her birthday.

I made six cupcakes in three colors and the cupcakes go with Laura's play stove. I can't find them all at the moment, so this photo will have to do. Christina knitted the gorgeous doll from one of Ysolda's patterns.

The cupcakes were made from a pattern by Susan B. Anderson and found in her book ITTY-BITTY NURSERY.

For more interesting books to read and patterns to knit, hop over to Ginny's for the Yarn Along.

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Victoria said...

Love the cupcake! And love to hear that "Rose" is so good (it keeps popping up in my recommendations because of my Downton Abbey addiction).

A Faithful Journey said...

Oh my word...the doll is too cute! And the cupcakes are just darling. My niece would LOVE both..may have to knit something similar up for her b-day in August!! :)

Charis's Mum said...

I might knit cupcakes for my daughter's birthday in August!! Either that or a bunny, since I sometimes call her "my bunny".