Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Zionsville 2014 Paint Out

Last year my mom and I had so much fun at the Zionsville Plein Air Paint Out that we decided to go again this year and take James and another friend along with us!

We set up shop in front of an old barn that is tucked quite close to the main street.

Eventually, I came up with this painting:

And James finished this detailed drawing:

We had about 5 hours to do our work and before we headed to the judging we stopped for some Italian gelato in town.

Then we all set up our work for people to browse and the judge to examine.

Here's is mom's entry:

It was especially delightful to see Jennifer win First Prize in the Adult Amateur division (mom had won second prize in the Amateur last year). I LOVE her painting -- it is of an alley way behind the barn we were painting. It makes me think of the south of France.

And surprise, surprise, I took over my mom's place as Second Prize winner -- we forced mom up into the Professional category since she "make's money from her art".

And we were all so happy for James to win First Prize in the children's division. Yay James!!!!

Here is a second painting I attempted after the barn.

It was a great day to take some time for art -- there is no other way to improve than to actually sit down and paint!!! And it was especially fun to do it altogether and have such a positive outcome from our efforts. Now I'm looking forward to next year!


southseaislandhome said...

All such gorgeous works of art. Heather, you are so gifted! I love your painting and congratulations to you both for your awards.

Pom Pom said...

Well done, all of you! What a wonderful experience! You're a good painter, Heather!

BJF said...

That was just the perfect day, and you all have something lovely to remind you of it, and of having done this all together. The paintings are each lovelier than the last. I accept Dee's amazing talent, but I didn't realise you could paint too , Heather. Should have known... And now James too. Super.

Silvia M. said...

Your paintings look lovely! I'm a huge fan of your mom's work.

elizabeth said...

wow! your paints are really good! looks like a great time for all! and of course your Mother's work is just lovely! love James's too!!! :)

puttermuch said...

Beautiful work, all of you Heather...you've got a very talented family!

Anonymous said...

Wow you are all very talented! Lovely work.

reader19 said...

How great! So impressed with all of you!!!!