Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Words and Wool

Last week I finished my crocheted summer bunting and it is now hanging on the hutch. I also started a sweater for Laura for the fall, which I have not yet photographed.

I've spent more time sewing than I normally get and have made a few more knitting project bags, including this one made from a vintage tea cozy in Christina's birth year -- the other side shows the other half of the tea cozy.

While we are on the subject of knitting, my sister, Christina, recently introduced me to Knitting Podcasts. Really, at first I couldn't understand how people could sit and listen to random people drone on and on for hours at a time about knitting. But then I tried it one day while I was ironing. Actually, if you find one you like, it's pretty fun!!! Like having your own personal knitting group on your computer screen. I've listened to several so far and I always come away inspired and eager to knit!!! Of the few that I have tried I have two to recommend:

My sister, Christina. Her most recent podcast can be found here.

Bakery Bears: Their most recent podcast can be found here. The Bakery Bears are a young couple from Yorkshire and their posts are too fun -- probably because they both knit! And they include local scenery and history too!

And now for books. After 9 months of having all the books I brought back from the UK stacked up on the floor in my bathroom waiting for a bookshelf I realized the bookshelf was not going to materialize soon. But I also realized that if I got rid of some "twaddle" on my own shelves and moved a few things around I could fit all my new books. Yay!!!

Now when I sit in my own little corner of my closet I have all my precious books surrounding me.

If you click on the photos you can seem them up close -- since I know I have one friend at least who routinely does that for book photos. :)

Many of the books I have yet to read. Sadly, I almost like the anticipation of keeping the books unread over reading them!

Part of the Enid Blyton collection I brought back:

And part of the other bookshelf which sits behind my chair. That's my Scottish great-grandmother in the picture.

So here's an overall view of my favorite shelves of all. I'm so glad they are off the floor and in plain sight now!

As for books I've been reading.....

Maisie Dobbs (Book 1) by Jacqueline Winspear was a terrific read! How is it that I have never heard of Maisie Dobbs before??!? Someone was holding out on me!!! This is the first in a series that features a lady detective and is set mainly in 1929 London, though there are flashbacks to World War I. What I liked about this mystery was that it was not gory murder but more storytelling with a case to solve thrown in. And the descriptions of daily English life were lovely!! Book Two is on order at the library!

Gladys Taber Still Cove Journal by Gladys Taber was the first of her Cape Cod books that I've read. It took me awhile to love it just as much as the Stillmeadow volumes (set in a CT farmhouse). Currently I used Glady Taber to relax me before bedtime. She's become a ritual....

And now, you can find more ideas on knitting and reading at Ginny's Yarn A Long.

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Melissa Marie said...

I have started listening to podcast I definitely have to start listening to some knitting ones! :)

Leslie said...

I love all types of grannies.
Easy access to books - I like.

Pom Pom said...

YOU are such a kindred spirit! I ordered the first Maisie book! Can't wait!
I love looking at your bookshelf!
Your tea cozy is darling!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I definitely have to read the first book, always looking for a new mystery AND books set in Great Britain. :)

jemilyea said...

Thank you for recommending the Bakery Bears podcast. I've just spent a most pleasant hour listening to it.

Yes, I've enjoyed the Maisie Dobbs books. You might also try the Bess Crawford mysteries and Detective Rutledge mysteries by Charles Todd.

Anonymous said...

Ooh I must come back and "browse" your books when I get a moment! I love your bunting too. I'm just beginning my first crocheted bunting. It may be done by the end of the summer!