Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wedding Flowers

Last week we did wedding flowers!!!

Here they are after arriving home from the wholesalers. Stems clipped and soaking up plant food.

The next day I invited the sisters over for some flower fun. Arthur got in on it too. (And I have to keep my peonies near me at all times.)

First on the list were boutonnieres.

We all loved this easy and simple design (plus, very cost-effective). We used chrysanthemums and Italian ruscus.

We tried to keep Arthur contained and away from the flower mess:

Then we moved on to corsages: peach mini roses, tiny thistles, peach hypericum berries and a few of the pomps (chrysanthemums).

Then we pulled out the flowers for the bouquets. They were just so beautiful!

Here is a bridesmaid's bouquet:

And the bride's:

Back into the fridge they went (well insulated with newspaper).

The next morning my mom and I set off for the church.

Where she crafted a few arrangements for the front of the church.

Mom had foraged for greens, including the white wild roses which smelled incredible and held up very, very well (but were a death trap for fingers).

Laura sprayed everything in sight with the flower spray.

The front of the church with the arrangements.

And a final arrangement for the guestbook table.

The next morning I set the bouquets out to let the flowers just begin to open. (And sprayed them again with the flower spray.)

I have too many photos from the wedding so that will have to be another post. However, I do want to say that these bouquets held up so well I couldn't believe it (even with no air-conditioning at the church -- it was broken!). Remember that for the future! Garden roses, hydrangeas, and peonies. I did keep them in water as much as possible and we did spray them several times with the floral spray.

In case you are doing wedding flowers yourself this summer, you can read our tips and ideas in this blog post.


elizabeth said...

wow!! those are so beautiful!!! so glad they worked out! simple, lovely, country elegance I would call them! flowers are just wonderful!!!

elizabeth said...

wow!! those are so beautiful!!! so glad they worked out! simple, lovely, country elegance I would call them! flowers are just wonderful!!!

HeatherMavis said...

Really and simply gorgeous! Ya know, I think what makes them even more beautiful to me is how you all work together to make beautiful things happen.

Lovella ♥ said...

The flower arrangements, and bouquets and corsages are all just so beautiful. I wish I could just be part of a day like that. I'm amazed that they can be made a day ahead and kept from opening too much until your ready for them to open. I do recall keeping peonies in our egg cooler a week ahead of T and B's wedding as the weather brought spring a week too early.

Lovella ♥ said...
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HeatherMavis said...

I wrote a new post for my blog! Finally.

Pom Pom said...

How wonderful to marry during peony season. It's such a blip. I wore two peony buds in my hair today for the last day of school. I gave them to two girls when I got there and they were THRILLED. All girls love peonies.
You guys made lovely posies! Well done!

Heather said...

So very very lovely! Great job!

puttermuch said...

Your work is beautiful !!!
Simply gorgeous...love seeing the photos, such a talented family, including your girls :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful arrangements you (all) made! What are the English roses, do you know?

Unknown said...

Those are very pretty flowers for a wedding. My fiance wants similar looking flowers for our wedding. I wasn't so sure about her choice in colors, but now that I see what they look like I am glad she picked what she did. Wedding Flowers