Monday, June 18, 2018

On the Bookshelf

I just finished reading Maine Summer by Edwin Valentine Mitchell. The next best thing to being in Maine during the summer is reading about it. When I passed this vintage book on the library's shelf I stopped in my tracks to pick it up and threw my reading time budget out the window as I placed it in my bag. I loved getting lost inside the book and letting my mind wander to the cool and breezy, pine-covered forests that line the Maine coast.

There's no plot to this book, no story really. Just the love story of a writer for a place. And my own memories that I add to the pages as I read, recalling the Maine visits of my childhood, sanctified by the sands of time washing over them year in and year out.

It's not a book for everyone -- but if you like little vignettes about place, musings on the "cats of Maine," or the old lore of pirates, or the "islandmania" that overtook people at the turn of the last century, this is lovely, old-time read.

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Pom Pom said...

Sounds delicious! I have only been to Maine once but I loved it. My brother and his wife are there now. I looked up the book and it's $19.00. Boo! xoxo

HeatherMavis said...

Would love to read it.