Saturday, June 23, 2018

Capture Summer Workshop

Today my mom and I completed the second of four watercolor nature journaling workshops we are doing this summer!

What a joy to be out in the beautiful Indiana summer enjoying the flowers and wildlife and introducing people to watercolor!

Last Saturday our attendees braved the 94+ degree weather to spend the day at Coxhall Gardens.

Watching people grasp basic watercolor techniques and color mixing is such fun!

Group one had 15 participants and we all huddled in the circle created by a bunch of pine trees.

The best part of the day is seeing all the lovely paintings everyone creates!

Today's workshop moved indoors for the first half of the day as the temperatures began in the high 60's and rain threatened.

The overcast skies created a beautiful contrast of gray and bright green.

This morning we painted bee balm, wild rose, and chicory. I loved seeing everyone's work.

Each sketchbook was unique and beautiful!

After lunch we headed out to the park for our afternoon session.

After a walk around the pond observing the redwing blackbirds and even a snake (!!) we worked on landscape elements.

And before we knew it the workshops were over! There will be another one to look forward to in July and then August!