Monday, June 4, 2018

The Month of May

The month of May took us from early spring right into full-blown summer. 

Four of the children played spring soccer and here you can see the redbuds in bloom just as April closed its doors.

Cousin Olivia was baptized the first Sunday in May and everyone got to attend!

A visit from my high school friend, Andria, and her family was a highlight of our month! One nice thing about getting older is having "history" with people -- 25 years is a long time for our age.

The woods broke into full green. We've made it back several times since the Art Classes ended to see what's blooming.

Rachel performed in her last high school music concert and amazed us all with her Alexander Hamilton "My Shot" performance.

Laura really enjoyed her soccer season. I still find it unbelievable that this child, who was supposed to never be athletic, it so over-the-top athletic when it comes to soccer. I give thanks to God for this blessing.

Going to the Art Museum gardens whenever possible is a great joy.

I managed to snag some family photos on Mother's Day.

It is a blessing to have my mother alive and in the same city. I try not to take this for granted.

Laura is my little garden helper and checks on our tiny strawberries everyday. Even without much rain the garden is doing well.

When possible I join with a group of local painters for plein air or figure drawing. On this night we combined them!

Indiana can be downright gorgeous. Fields, sky, barns, grass. I love scenery like this.

The Royal Wedding was a highlight of the month for sure!!!!! My neighbor and I, and Rachel and Laura, got up early to have tea and scones and watch.

David and Laura had their annual spring piano recital. I think this was David's last year of piano so only Laura will continue on.

 On the last day of school we checked out the hat exhibit at the Art Museum. This is the hat I would choose -- with that lovely big pink rose and buds on top!

Next year it will be just these two in my homeschool:

James spent his last day of homeschool at Medieval Times with friends. He heads to high school in August!

Rachel had her senior banquet one evening.

Two nights later it was her open house!

She and her friend, Miriam, had their open house together at the building we rent for our church services.

And the last Saturday in May was GRADUATION! Wow! Rachel is now officially done with high school. Well done, Rachel!

It was a busy weekend with the open house, graduation, and friends' open houses. We were thankful for family joining us in celebrating!

 The day after graduation we celebrated Olivia's first birthday! What fun! She brings us all so much joy.

 And then the pool officially opened and we are all on summer break!

Our summer break is only 9 weeks (one of which is already gone!). I'm so thankful to have a break ahead but mindful of the many items on my to-do list. Hoping to enjoy rest as well as productivity. I don't have to travel in June and I am really looking forward to a month of summer!

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Pom Pom said...

Hi Heather! Yes, summer zips by when schooling looms. I hope your summer is very relaxing. Where will Rachel go for college?