Saturday, June 9, 2018

Painting This Week

There were a few opportunities for sketching this week -- I took a walk with my mom last Sunday afternoon and we captured a few scenes at Eagle Creek.

This is such a beautiful time in Indiana right now -- there is plenty of green, lots of blue skies and usually gorgeous white clouds, crops growing, country roads about to pop with June lilies. It's taken a long time for the mountain-less scapes of Indiana to grow on me but this week I felt I was truly home in her beauty.

Painting food is so much fun. I had to do a little sketch of Olivia's birthday cupcakes.

 One of the best things I did last week was to take myself out for a little breakfast while Laura was at VBS. Being alone, having the treat of eating food I didn't cook, time for painting and sitting outside did wonders during a very hectic week in which Michael was away for several days.

While sitting at breakfast on a very boring sort of street I finally noticed the hilarious sight across the street -- a stop sign that looked like a green monster jumping out at passing cars. The red and green, being complementary colors, looked particularly good together and added to the drama of the situation. (A car pulled into the parking space before I finished so you can't really see what I was painting.)

Next Saturday will be our first Capture Summer workshop! I've got a list of things that need to be painted before then! I can't wait!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

You and your mom are so talented. I hope I can make that kind of Art when I get to Heaven. :)

As one who was born and raised in Indiana, there are few things that can make my heart go pitter patter as does a cornfield growing in Summer. Unless it is when it's golden in Fall. Although I do like visiting places with mountains.

Andria said...

So beautiful, Heather!

elizabeth said...

very lovely!!!