Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Life on the Home Front: A Birthday

In which I discuss birthdays, phone calls, and cheesy Bunny movies....

Michael's birthday helped make our day a bit more interesting! Of course he would be happy if nothing was done at all to celebrate. I grew up in a home where birthdays were a big deal. So we celebrate because I want to celebrate. :) ha ha! And it's good for the children to learn to celebrate with others.

We decided on a family walk at our local park with hot tea and pie at the end. We postponed our dinner and presents until Tuesday since Drew had to leave for his job at Subway right after our hike. It was nice to be out in the fresh air and we found many signs of spring in the park, several that we have not seen in our own woods yet.

This was an unusual Monday because I was not working at the flower shop. I had scheduled this day off when we were still planning to head to NC for spring break to visit relatives. Not working gave me the chance to have a more relaxed day and I did take some time for reading!

I had the loveliest surprise in the afternoon - my grandmother's sister called to say hello. I can't remember the last time we've spoken and it was an absolute delight to hear her soft voice and catch up a bit. It brought back many happy memories and connected me a bit to my grandmother who passed away 13 years ago now. The phone call left me with such a happy feeling.

I had the two older boys pull out stuff from the little pantry and from my back closet so I could clean and organize. Now it's sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, forcing me to deal with it. The closet is making progress.

Laura chose our evening movie -- "Hop". It's basically like a cheesy Santa Claus movie but it's about the Easter Bunny. Ha ha!

Food Eaten: Oatmeal made with oat flour instead of whole oats (I love the texture) and tea, fried egg sandwich, apple pie, leftover Indian spinach and Chana Masala.

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