Monday, March 30, 2020

Life on the Home Front: The Weekend

In which I discuss cooking, organization, and fake poop......

Another weekend in the books. What a gift these slower days are in many ways.

Our most joyful piece of news was receiving word of the baby girl born to friends in our congregation. All went well and they were home in time to show us the baby on our weekly Sunday evening online church gathering. What stories her family will tell as she grows up -- being born during coronavirus!

I spent some time cooking on Saturday so I wouldn't have to do much on Sunday. I'm stretching out the meat in our freezer so decided on Indian dishes with spinach and chickpeas. Once in awhile I long for something with a lot of flavor. Indian works!! People often comment that I must like to cook -- I really don't think I do. I like to eat good food and I especially like to sit around a table with others. Cooking is simply the means to that end. I'd much rather be reading or painting.

The most memorable conversation from the weekend began with my overhearing, "Remember the fake poop we used to make and leave in so-and-so's yard to annoy them?" WHAT??!!! I'm still laughing about this. Yes, apparently my kids made fake poop out of mud and placed it in an annoying neighbor's yard just for the fun of it. I always knew I would later find out things my kids did when they were young. Fortunately, said neighbor repented in sackcloth and ashes (and a large bag of candy and a free snowblower) before moving and no longer troubles the children.

One son needed a haircut so we took care of that. Fortunately we can do without a barber for as many months as we want. I typically have my hair cut twice a year, and I can actually go without for many years if need be.

I worked more on tidying up my back closet which also serves as my art storage area, sewing room and fabric storage, and book storage area (it's very large). Having tidy spaces makes a huge difference to my inner peace. I've got plans for the little pantry and more plans for my closet this week.

On our church video chat last night we heard from some of those out on the front lines. A nurse let us know that our county expects the peak to hit our hospitals in 4-6 weeks. A friend in an industry "in the know" right now warned us to expect 50-60 more days of this. From all I read online, they are correct. One day at a time I guess.

Food Eaten: Saturday: Tea and toast; leftover pizza, apple crumble for tea, leftovers with eggs for dinner. Sunday: blueberry pancakes and tea, Chana Masala and Saag Paneer without the Paneer with homemade GF chapatis (from a mix), basmati rice, and coriander chutney; apple pie for tea, leftover pancakes for dinner.

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