Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Photos

I posted very few photos in December, keeping it to one a day. So, I thought I would post a bunch of Christmas photos to "catch up".

Our Christmas table: tablecloth from Goodwill Outlet (pay by the pound), centerpiece basket from Goodwill and filled with greens from my mom's yard and leftovers from our Christmas tree and dollar store candles, golden chargers were given to me by a neighbor, and the cream and green plates were also a gift.

Time with Uncle JK:

Christmas crackers are easy to find in the States now! They make for festive fun at the Christmas table!

Grandma and David:

Rachel worked hard to make homemade presents for everyone. Here is the checker board she made for Uncle Craig out of wood, including drawers. 

David -- who happens to pose a bit easier than the others for photos

Pouring over the Hobbit book they received from Aunt Em and Uncle Craig, along with tickets to see the Hobbit.

Christina is the Queen of the Pudding and successfully got the pudding to flame this year!

We also enjoyed hazelnut cake in honor of Craig's birthday.

Michael surprised me on Christmas by lighting our fireplace! We had never had a fire in it before!

Luke 2 is traditional for Christmas morning:

One of my very favorite pictures from Christmas! Rachel knitted the boys these beards.

Rachel knitted Grandma one of those fun, ruffly scarves.

Laura received a Raggedy Ann and the story books to go along with her!

All the children had such fun on Christmas! Laura was enthralled! 

Laura received a "laptop" which she loves!

Michael and I had fun watching the joy of the children.

The boys are obsessed with nutcrackers. Fortunately, I managed to find 3 different ones on very good sales so they could each receive one for Christmas. Andrew was pretty excited about his Scottish nutcracker.

I think this is one of my top 3 favorite pictures I took this Christmas:

This one of Laura being another favorite:

This child is doted on!!!

I'm afraid this post has just helped me to procrastinate on creating my Books Read in 2012 post. :) It will come soon!


Anonymous said...

What lovely, lovely pics! :) xx

willow said...

A lovely selection of photographs, wonderful.

Unknown said...

Lovely photographs. My daughter received the same Duplo set as Laura. This was the first Christmas we did not have Christmas crackers.

southseaislandhome said...

Such beautiful photos! Looks like Laura was more into her little pink car than the Hobbit! LOL! I love that photo of her with the Raggedy Ann-so sweet!

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

Fires in the fireplaces are one of my most favorite things. What a lovely surprise! And that is a great picture of you two.