Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Words and Wool

 A lot of knitting has been happening around here because I have not yet cut out the spring flowers that I need to sew. I finished this Sweet Pea Hat by Susan B Anderson. It is probably my most-used pattern. It just looks so cute on little babies!!!

I'm feeling a little guilty because it seems as if my life lately has consisted (beyond school and housework) of getting together with others for tea and knitting! Four events in the space of five days! Here is my Homeschool Knitting Group that came on Monday. We always have fun and I love seeing what the girls have been knitting.

I've completed the first week in the Jimmy Bean Downton Abbey Knitalong! These are going to be Violet's gloves. I like how they are turning out!

I also got another crochet hat finished and Christina stitched up the flowers. Our friends left today for their journey to China to bring home their daughter!

 Here is my current knitting basket with several projects in it, namely the Greta Vest which is coming along quite well.

It was so exciting to win The Quiet Home's pattern giveaway last week! These are the three patterns I chose -- they are so cute, aren't they!!!! 

As for reading, I've not completed many books recently but have my hand in a whole lot of them!

Augustus Caesar's World by Genevieve Foster was completed last week with the children. It was a very readable, interesting to children, way to learn about the reign of Augustus Caesar and also to understand some of what was going on throughout the Roman Empire.

My Heart's in the Lowlands: Ten Days in Bonny Scotland by Liz Curtis Higgs was useful in gathering information for our upcoming trip. I am not a big fan of Higgs, but the book did serve to pique my interest in the Lowlands of Scotland. I know much more about Central and Northern Scotland than I do about the south. Perhaps we'll be able to spend a bit of time exploring the beautiful countryside Higgs describes.

  Hills Is Lonely by Lillian Beckwith is a book I've just begun today. It was recommended on another blog and our library happened to have it. The book tells the adventures an English girl who goes to live in the Hebrides. I will let you know how it goes!

You can find more knitting and reading suggestions over at Ginny's Yarn A Long

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Anonymous said...

That sweet pea hat is very cute! I was really happy when I saw you won Tina's giveaway. You're so talented at knitting that kind of thing.

I read that Lillian Beckwith book this summer, as it was on the shelf of our holiday house. I have to say although I enjoyed having a virtual trip to the islands (Skye, I think?), I did find it very patronising. However, I think people *were* very often what we think of as patronising years ago! And perhaps generations to come will judge us for something we're unconscious of.

Good for you to pass on your knitting skills to the younger generation!

Unknown said...

I'll have to put the sweet pea hat on my list of baby gifts to knit for friends.

Jessica said...

I just saw this on design sponge and thought of you:

I've started a little shrug for Willow in a pretty mustard yellow. It has a lace pattern similar to the Downton knit. SSKPO has blown my mind!

HeatherMavis said...

Hi Heather,
I've read several of Lillian Beckwith's books. I think you'll enjoy. She writes funny and down to earth. You get a real unromanticised feel for these places. It sort makes them all the more endearing. I just read what your first commenter had to say. I can see what she is saying.
Have you ever read Jan Karon's In The Company of Others? I liked this one even better for similar reasons. Of course, IT takes place in Ireland. I wish she'd write more like that.
That baby hat is just dear!.
Congratulations on winning Tina's give away! Her blog has been one of my favorites since I came to blogland.

Stephanie said...

No shame in having lots of knitting time! ;-) I wanted to say that I'm enjoying reading you blog and looked forward to all of the Dec posts with your holiday preparations. I've mostly been reading your posts on my phone, which makes it hard to comment. - Stephanie

Unknown said...

Awww! Your knitting projects are just LOVELY! :) That sweet pea hat is ADORABLE!! I have SOOO many books going right now also, I can't keep 'em straight! :) I'm trying to read all of the L.M.Montgomery titles which isn't hard because she is such a lovely, descriptive writer! :)