Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Words and Wool

Knitting right now is a mad dash to create presents for all the babies in my life. I'm a few behind, and more are scheduled to be born all through the spring!

I found this Gracie Hat on Ravelry this past week and thought it would be perfect for a friend who is adopting from China. I had this red cotton and gave it a try! Christina is busy crocheting flowers to clip to it. I plan to start a cream-colored one this week.

Knitting with this white alpaca was amazing! I started this hat on Christmas day and it was complete luxury to have it slip through my fingers. I'm onto my second one now, with plans for more beyond that.

I also began casting on today for the Downton Abbey Knit-a-long! I'm quite excited about it and eager to watch the first episode -- I've been waiting to watch it with a friend!

As for books:

Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends by Pippa Middleton was so much better than I expected after the bad press I feel this book has received. I LOVED this book! It was beautifully put together with wonderful photos and lots of really good ideas as well as recipes. The recipes tended more towards adult gourmet, but there were so many good ideas and inspirations in the book that I plan to add it to my collection as soon as I can find a reasonably priced copy.

An Irish Country Wedding (Irish Country Books) by Patrick Taylor is the latest book in the Irish Country Doctor series. It seems a tradition for me to read this series in January. I need to take a photo of Laura and I sitting together while I read so I can continue the tradition from years past. Simply put, this series is an Irish GP version of the English James Heriot veterinarian books.

For more knitting and reading ideas, check out Ginny's Yarn Along.

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Anonymous said...

I love those hats and have found myself loving alpaca yarn too when I knit with it!
I'm loving the books you've shared and will definitely be trying them out, especially the Pippa Middleton one!

Jessica said...

so cute! baby hats are fun. i finished 2 in time for christmas using this pattern:
it looks adorable on - and the pattern is free! i used the same DK yarn soulmama just posted about (same color to) - great stuff although it has gotten a little fuzzy with wear.

Unknown said...

The white alpaca hat is lovely; I might knit that for my cousin's baby. She's due the end of May, and my sister and her husband are MOST likely going to visit her in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you I just love your blog,I look forward to each new post. I loved your tea trolleys. And I wish I knew how to knit your work is beautiful. You seem to like books that are my test so I like to see what you are reading. Maybe some day I will learn to knit I am not good at things like that but love to look at your work.Just wanted to tell you that.
God Bless You