Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meeting a Friend

Yesterday I got to meet a friend in person whom I have known for 5 1/2 years but only through reading blogs! 

Heather, of a Place of Quiet Rest, and I each drove half way to meet in the middle and enjoy lunch together.

Do have a look at our beautiful lunches! The Asian Chicken Salad:

And my French Onion Soup!

The pepper steak sandwich:

 We had no idea exactly what the restaurant would be like but it was perfect for a long afternoon chat!

It was really special to be able to talk at length and to fill in the blanks of things that are left unsaid on blogs. And of course we got on as if we had been face-to-face friends all these years. God has blessed Heather with a beautiful, gentle spirit which is reflected on her blog and, I know, in her home. She is very gifted in the homemaking arts and I have learned many things from reading her blog over the years.

We couldn't end the day without stopping in at the local Salvation Army and Goodwill thrift stores!!!! Ha ha ha! We did have so much fun! And Heather so kindly bestowed upon me three huge bags of felted wool to use for my flowers. (Not to mention four jars of her amazing homemade jams which I can't wait to try!)

We should never take for granted what a gift friends are and can be! And it is amazing how the internet can be a positive means for finding and fostering such gifts.


Heather Anne said...

Heather I enjoyed every minute of our visit - it was so much fun! Thank you for your kind words and sweet gifts! It was a joy to meet you face to face!

Lovella ♥ said...

I love this...so fun to meet a dear blogging friend in person. One day I hope to meet you too!

Jessica said...

Yay so fun! One of these days we'll meet in person I'm sure of it. I picture a day of tea, crafts and desert (and thrifting)!

The bagpipes are going well - I'm hoping my practicing will rub off on Eliot and get him interested in learning something musical.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I wish I was there with you!

That restaurant looks lovely, just perfect for an afternoon of chatting with you two.

Christine Laennec said...

That's so great! (And what a beautiful place to meet - I love the fireplace and stained glass.) I too have been blessed to make "in real life" friends through blogging.