Friday, March 1, 2013

The Tea Trolley

Another week of tea! Last Saturday we hosted a shower here at the house for a friend who just came home with her very first daughter (after 3 boys!!). It was fun to celebrate womanhood and girlhood with a morning of tea, coffee, goodies, and fellowship!!!

Check out these amazing mini cupcakes a friend brought!

I neglected to get a picture of the coffee and tea table! I set it up inside the front door and laid it out with the white melamine teacups I found at a thrift store last year (40 for about $3!!!). Then we had carafes of hot coffee with milk, sugar, half and half and whipped cream and the tea trolley was pulled up alongside with black tea and herbal peach tea. It was so fun to serve the hot drinks right when people arrived and it helped facilitate fellowship until the actual food began.

Speaking of which, here are the goodies! Emily got TPC yogurt (always a treat!) and a friend made her famous granola to go on top. Christina made cream-filled strawberries and I baked a bunch of scones.

The present opening was such fun, especially since the little girl of honor was present and involved!!!!

Later on in the afternoon after the shower I sat down for a little rest, and some tea! I had saved a few goodies from the shower and enjoyed an hour or so of tea, treats, and books. I still haven't gotten around to making a new tea cozy for my favorite pot! 

Sunday we had the especial treat of going to my mom's for Sunday lunch. Here is her tea table all decked out and ready for the afternoon!

Monday I took Rachel for lunch at Olive Garden to fulfill a several years promise of rewarding her for memorizing her times tables and also because she is embarking on a 6-week gluten-free diet as of today. We had the best of times and I hope it is just a taste of the years ahead.

Today we had the honor of a visit from Christina's sister-in-law (who is currently living in Germany) and my mom and Christina and John for lunch and tea.

Alecia has access to amazing tea in Germany and brought a bag of the Ceylon that is commonly drunk -- delicious!!!! We also had strawberry green tea and my new favorite Gold Rush Tea.

I have decided that to add to the tea fun I'm going to start adding a Mr. Linky button here so that you can link to any post you may have created during the week that includes anything about tea or coffee or other hot drinks!

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Heather Anne said...

What a lovely collection of tea parties - and those cupcakes - oh yum! Is Rachel going gluten free for health issues or just to see what it's like? Olive Garden sounds like fun - one of my favorite places for sure! I am really looking forward to seeing you soon! I'm praying already for a nice day! I love the idea of a Linky about tea times - a great excuse to invite friends for a special afternoon of tea and visiting - if only I'll remember to take pictures!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your life just seems to be one long party! I'm sure that's not quite the case. The mini cupcakes look too good to eat, and it's great to feel the vicarious buzz of all the chat and company.