Saturday, December 12, 2015

Balmy December

 It's nearly mid-December but the weather outside is delightful! It was 68F today! Talk about very strange. We've had our heat off for days and it's so hot inside the house I nearly want the air-conditioning on! ha!

Our week began with apple pie for breakfast in honor of my birthday. Definitely a good way to start the week!

The kids and I read Becky's Christmas by Tasha Tudor which we read and savor every year.

Then we headed into the kitchen to make a Dundee cake for tea (a favorite of Tasha Tudor's).

I wore my new birthday outfit. :) A friend passed this dress down to me so I shortened it and added leggings and a sweater. And of course my red shoes! Plaid is my favorite!

I got time to enjoy tea all by myself! And, my fig tree decided to bear two figs just for my birthday!

Later there was tea with the family! Mr. Badger joined in the fun too!

And Michael took me out to dinner in the evening. And, can you believe it, my "fortune" came true!!

A friend passed on to me a pink coat and I love it!

Later in the week I met two friends for lunch and enjoyed this amazing burger. Definitely the best I've had in Indy (Bluebeard's).

And we all had to try this chocolate torte made with dried cherries and hazelnuts.

Here we are having a birthday/Christmas party at the restaurant.

The sunsets have been stunning! This is one of my favorite things about winter-time.

All the red and green decorations are making me very happy!

My Knitting Club girls came for a Christmas Party on Thursday. I set the table for tea for them.

And made a chocolate cake with whipped cream/cream cheese peppermint icing. Very good!

Here are the girls!!!! This was our final meeting as I need to simplify my calendar a bit. Our group has been together for 5 years I believe. It's been a lot of fun!! I will miss everyone!

In the evening we went to our annual 4h Christmas party which begins with a party at the County Home. It has to be one of the best times of the season to watch one of the residents open the gifts you've brought and see how excited they are.

The kids love the 4h party because they get to build gingerbread houses!

Laura can do it nearly all by herself now!

Friday my sisters and mom and I met up to celebrate my birthday as well as Emily's. Starbucks was first on the agenda.

Christina knitted me this adorable sheep hat!

Then we walked around the mall to get Christmas inspiration

In the evening we took Mr. Badger to Rachel's Christmas concert. It was an evening of very festive music.

Rachel plays violin in the school orchestra.

And now it is time to reset our focus and rejuvenate for yet another week ahead! Happy Day of Rest to you!


Unknown said...

It's balmy here too! :) I just LOVE your sheep hat, how delightful! And we love Becky's Christmas here too, alas we do not own it. Happy Birthday and you look so cute in your plaid dress and cardigan! :)

Pom Pom said...

You are SO cute! Such a busy birthday girl! I hope your birthday was extra wonderful from morning until night! It looks like it was! Aw! Mr. Badger is a lucky duck! How fun!

Betty said...

My goodness you pack a lot into one week! I like your pink coat - I have one similar :D
Mr Badger is motivational isn't he? he encourages us to make the place homely, set the table, do home cooking - he has that effect on everyone I think - because he's a home body himself. Happy birthday to you. Betty

Judy said...

What a delightful read!

Dear Badger - we have never thought to take him adventuring, but after welcoming the newborn babe on Christmas morning, as we potter through the afternoon, our family (the children are now young adults) always listen to a CD of the wonderful BBC radio personality, Alan Bennett, read the Wind in the Willow chapters - The Wild Wood through Dulce Domum. Both Badger's and Mole's homes hold such welcoming warmth and contentment.

On another note, your plaid dress looks wonderful on you, and that sheep hat is a kind of perfection.

It's been lovely to visit.