Saturday, April 26, 2008


Having never prepared artichokes before, I decided this was the week to learn to do so! After trimming the artichokes, I steamed them for about 30 minutes until they were tender. Mine didn't look bright and green like the book, but I think that is because I neglected to immediately submerge it in lemon water after trimming. Oh well.
Artichokes are eaten by pulling off the outer leaves and dipping the inner tip in melted butter before pulling at the bit of flesh with your teeth.

As much as I enjoy artichoke hearts from a can, I wasn't as thrilled with fresh artichoke. It somehow reminded me of acorn squash (same texture, same taste). I do like acorn squash, but not in the shape of an artichoke.

It was fun to eat the artichoke, and we decided it was rather filling, despite the minute amounts we were getting with each bite.

This is all that was left after I finished.


SueJ said...

I have never tried Artichokes other than those in a can & maybe it will stay that way! Thank you for you comment on my blog. You certainly look to be having a good start to Spring!

southseaislandhome said...

I rediscovered an old blog here that I'd forgotten all about, so I can comment now!
I love artichokes! I have a good recipe for them if you want to try again. You have to absolutely drown them! I'll see if I can find it for you.
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I get lots of hits, but I think you're the only 'chatty' one. I'm always glad to see you called by. :o)
I didn't know you'd been to Africa with your family. That is so interesting. I'd love to hear about that sometime.

Carla said...

Oh dear, I just bought 2 artichokes too but I hate the idea of dipping them in all that butter. Maybe Christine can cook them on the grill! :>}

Marye said...

We have had them before. I love them but my husband thinks it is too much work for so little food. The pragmatist!

Alicia said...

Growing up, this was the primary way we ate artichokes. We always loved it and enjoyed eating the delicious heart at the end, having scraped the hair off. The butter was probably one of our favorite parts, haha.