Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Auntie C!

Today is Auntie C's birthday and yesterday we all met up at the Art Gardens to celebrate. This has been a tradition for a few years now, and we all enjoy it very much.

Spring is quite behind the times here in the Midwest, but fortunately we were greeted with lots of daffodils and blooming magnolias.

This was one of my favorites:

Just to give you an idea of how far behind we are, here is a picture from two years ago. The baby in the picture is James!

And now, the same path yesterday. The baby in the picture is David! Hard to tell the difference!

Everyone brought something to contribute to lunch and we had a grand feast!

Our contribution was a gluten-free carrot cake. It was fabulous (I had a few bites!)

The kids occupied themselves by making "beary houses" under a great tree. Rachel made a teepee. Note the lego man in front of the fire stirring the cooking pot.

Grandma also brought bubbles. Here is the baby of the first picture now a great big boy running around!

It's always refreshing to go spend some time in a place filled with beauty. I'm looking forward to going back to the gardens in a few weeks when all the tulips will be out and more green on the trees.

Happy Birthday Christina! We love you!


Monica said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate!! Beautiful.

Laura said...

oh... that was great Heath!!! I could not believe that little boy was James!!! :) now such a big and wonderful guy... that day was special... we will always remember daffies at the art gardens!!!

great blog post!
the cake was spectacular!!!!