Thursday, April 3, 2008


I am very relieved to have the taxes over with! Yeah! Now I can allow something else to occupy my evenings and my brain. :)

We celebrated Michael's birthday earlier this week since he was away on his actual birthday. My grandmother, then my mom, and now I, have a tradition of decorating the birthday table with things from around the house that have to do with the birthday person. This year the kids asked if they could decorate the table for Dad -- they decided tools should be the theme. :)

Michael's mom often made him "Mexican Casserole" for his birthday, so that's what we had this year.
Rachel made a little cheesecake for dessert, since that is one of Michael's favorites.

And then there were cards and presents to open.
And one little boy who enjoyed his piece of cheesecake very, very much!


Monica said...

Fun decorations!! What a great idea.

Amy K said...

I love the picture of M and the kids. That is so precious!

Jessica said...

so sweet, i have to start letting eliot acutally use a spoon! poor kid will be eating with his hands forever. you photographs lately are really blossoming. i have so much fun reading your blog every day. take care -jess

Lovella ♥ said...

Heather. . .what a great decorating idea.
Oh . .I was out taking pictures this week .. thought of you .. .I took a picture of some blackberry canes letting out and also some spring heather. . .thought of you both times. Isn't that fun.
Good job on the bike .. way to go girl. I'm glad your taxes are done too. woo hoo.