Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yard Work

We've been enjoying very warm spring weather with temperatures in the 70's and 80's! We've gone again straight from winter to summer! Maybe the warm weather will help the trees catch up to where they should be at this time of year.

We decided we needed to start work on some landscaping projects and we "dug" in on Monday, which is Michael's day off.

As with any major project or endeavor in our house, the teapot is not far:

The kids had a blast digging in the ground, discovering bugs, and enjoying the outdoors.

Thanks to a friend who planted these for us last Fall, we have some lovely tulips blooming in the front:

David decided he should try to help:

But we convinced him to stick to something more his size:

The kids thought the trowels made great toys!

And the mulch made a wonderful track for the remote-control cars:

Michael spent hours doing the hard work and the result was a lovely flower bed for the front. We still have the whole length of one side of the house to go! But, we are off to a good start!


Monica said...

Nice work!! Let me know if you want any perennials. Mine are coming up well and can be divided easily.

Jessica said...

it is so nice to get the hands dirty after such long winters. eliot has been helping his grandma and loving it! i cant wait to have a garden someday! i will have to be happy with window boxes for now.

Laura said...

I loved seeing the kids working in the garden... they love it :)... and the goose picture... maybe i could paint it :) .... loved that picture!!! very excited about your flower bed in the front...:) it is going to be beautiful!!! Bravo and good work M, and kids!!!!!