Monday, October 6, 2008

A Fall Birthday Party

On Saturday my sister hosted a 30th birthday party for her husband, JK.

It was an outdoor dinner on their deck.

Everything was so festive for Fall. Don't you love the color scheme!

Food was conveniently handed through the kitchen window to the "outside help."

We started off in daylight with French Onion Soup:

Daylight faded and soon it was time for the main course.

We enjoyed roast pork with tomatoes and mushrooms, steamed green beans, apple/date salad, scalloped potatoes and dinner rolls.

It was SO much fun to dine outdoors! The air was cool and just a bit nippy. The only light was that of the candles on the table. It felt almost like camping -- but luxurious camping. I want to do it again.

Christina brought out the chocolate cake (which Baby insists "he made") to the tune of Happy Birthday:

Then we all moved indoors for cake, tea and coffee, and funny stories about JK:

I'll have to post this recipe sometime. I had a little sliver the next day and feel this was a good chocolate cake -- very dark chocolate, not extremely sweet, and with the best ganache icing:

Another week has begun. There is a wedding at the end of it! The food shopping has been done and school started for the week. Now it is time to rest before another day begins!


Christina said...

It was so much fun! Thanks for making the cake and letting me borrow "big" pots! You're such a sweetie! Love the pics!

stephanie said...

the dinner looked delicious!

Don't you just love outdoor, autumn dinners?

Ruth MacC said...

Love the bag. You know, hand made goods like that can cost a fortune in certain tourist shops here in Ireland and that bag would go down a treat.

Speaking of treats, great cake! Is has been on my mind for a few weeks now to start paying more attention to the details in my kitchen and around the home. Before I was saved I had a nice home and lots of beautiful delph etc. Shen the Lord saved me I gave up my home for Him and almost everything in it. started afresh with Niall and have been very busy with home schooling and working for the Lord, but I feel I really should make more of an effort inthe small things. In this regard, your blog is a real source of insprition to me!

The idea for the basket of deviotional books came about out of necessity. I needed to remember to read them but kept forgetting to so now that they are under my nose I have no excuse!

Oswald Chambers was given to me by a lovely Christian woman a few months after my conversion when I visited Mississippi. I bought Spurgen in our Church building and the childrens one is one of six I bought for Sean when we were in Mississippi tweo years ago. Each one covers different topice.

Talk soon,

God bless,