Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Remembering Paris

A friend of ours is heading to Paris one week from today! In anticipation of Carla's trip, and with the pressing need of Thanksgiving menu-planning, we had a Paris-themed lunch today.

We enjoyed French Onion Soup, Baked Brie with Brown Sugar and Pecans, grapes, crackers and bread. For dessert I made Pain au Chocolat -- puff pastry in which a little square of dark chocolate is wrapped. It was very, very good. It was my first attempt at puff pastry from scratch and all the effort paid off!

I thought I'd list some of my favorite things about Paris and include a reading list at the bottom of some great books to read (since my camera is still in the shop and I have nothing else I can blog about :) ).

1. Walking the streets: just taking all the sights and sounds in, people-watching, picture-taking, window-shopping.

2. Looking in the fancy food shops -- this one had a case full of glace fruits, even whole pineapples, preserved in ghastly amounts of sugar syrup.

3. Buying breakfast at the bakery every morning: my favorite was the Pain au Raisin

4. Visiting a Flea Market -- the crowded lanes and mob of people added to the atmosphere and I did find a bag of lace and linen to bring home!
5. Walking around Reformation History sights -- here we are in the area where John Calvin had his room.6. Sitting on Pont Neuf and admiring all the beautiful architecture

7. Going to Versailles - and looking through the incredibly gaudy rooms!
8. Watching the kids experience Paris
Our trip to Paris was not without its moments of surprise and fatigue: like arriving the evening of the hottest day on record (ever!) in Paris and being shown to the 6th floor of the elevator-less, air-conditioning-free, fan-free youth hostel with two children, two buggies and all our luggage in tow. We survived on wonderful French bread, cheese and fruit for two weeks, plus an insane amount of money spent on water bottles to keep us hydrated in the heat..... Now, of course, only the idyllic memories surface when one says Paris.
Now for a recommended reading list:


willow said...

Theres something about Paris that makes you only remember the good bits.
We spent a day there this summer on the way to Switzerland and it was very hot then as well. By now though I've forgotten the heat and our tired feet and like you I remember the bridges and the plane trees and the lovely old houses..... would be nice to go back.

Anonymous said...

Look how little Rachel and Andrew were!

Carla said...

How tres fortunate I was to eat your goodies and not just read about them. Thanks for the bon time and I'm that much more excited about our trip. Merci!