Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Inspiration

With the advent of October, Fall is in full swing. The leaves are beginning to change, the weather is cooler (60's) and the sky is that brilliant, October-blue! Everyone I talk to just loves Fall!

Last week I attended a bridal shower for an upcoming wedding. The food was all fall-themed and very inspiring:

Check out these beautiful fall sugar cookies! Don't they inspire you to think about making some?!! (That's all I did -- just think. But, one of these years, I just might make them!)

Fall decor is so beautiful and lovely too -- the mini pumpkins, gourds, leaves, candles, etc.

The shower food was a perfect assortment: sugar-toasted pecans, goat cheese with olives and nuts to go with French bread,

moist bread pudding with caramel sauce, rich cranberry creme brulees, and a beautiful pumpkin bread braid stuffed with almonds. It was a lovely party!

My newest idea for organizing all the inspiring information I've been coming across is to use a three-ring binder and some sheet protectors.

I've been tearing pages out of magazines left and right and decided I had to do something if I was going to FIND these pages and then USE them! I think I'll make a binder for Christmas when that comes around, and then for Spring, etc.

Not only have I clipped fabulous pictures, but recipes and decorating ideas too. These photos give you an idea. Hiding in my notebook are instructions for Curry Pumpkin Soup, Easy Pumpkin Mousse, Vertical Pear Salad, Grape and Rosemary Focaccia, A Fall Dinner plan that I've already cooked once, and a recipe for Sugared Pumpkin Seeds, just to name a few.....

Another inspiration came in the form of cupcakes. The children and I visited friends on Wednesday and Bethany had decorated a plate-full of these adorable sunflower cupcakes. I couldn't believe I'd not brought my camera! However, Rachel decided she would bring her cupcake home to save for later and thus we now have a photo! (Thank you Rachel!)

Guess what? Bethany used ziplock bags with the corners re-enforced with tape into which she cut various shapes to serve as icing tips! Can you believe you can do all this with no decorator tips!

My zinnias continue to bring me inspiration. I love looking at them out the windows in the dining area. I don't pick very many (contrary to what I imagined) because I just love looking at them. I do insist on a tiny vase in the downstairs bathroom and one in my bathroom. It feels luxurious. :) And here's a picture of a bigger bouquet I picked for a friend:

Tonight is Bible Study (we're doing Romans) and tomorrow is a day with nothing on the calendar! Yeah!


Unknown said...

yum, all that autumnal food is making me hungry! Love the binder idea; I've already started my own! Thanks for the ideas!

Alaina said...

What a great idea for organizing and saving ideas! I just may have to steal that one. :)

Ruth MacC said...

I don't know where to start! The fall cookies are amazing, that is something I could do with Sean, and enjoy. I like the binder idea and all your cuttings. Even the little cup cake is great!

I am glad I found your blog. I took on with doing the food thing for the week in the hopes that it may inspire me to try harder in the kitchen.

Looking at your blog inspires me to do more around the house. I used to be better at things like that but when I got saved I became a lot more busy...

I think it's time to spend more time and effort on the little things around the home!

Anonymous said...

I have a folder to keep recipes like that in, but most of them are ones other people have given me as I can never bring myself round to tearing the recipes out of my magazines! It sounds silly, but I just like to have the whole magazine! I'm sure that won't last long though, as the shelf I keep them on is already getting pretty full! Your flowers are so pretty!