Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall Handiwork

I find it amazing that I actually have time for crafts during the school year. I thought the summer would be the time when, free of homeschooling, I'd have so much time to devote to projects. Not so! I was frustratingly absent from the crafting corner. But, now I'm back.

I just finished my Fall purse. It's made from a felted sweater and some chocolate courdoroy and embellished with some tapestry yarn:

I also finished another double point needle case (I sell these on Etsy). Interestingly, I've finally sold 2 tea cozies on Etsy -- one travelling to Canada and the other all the way to the United Arab Emirates!
I've finished one sock! The other is almost half way done! It was easier than I thought and I'll have to do more.

And I did sneak another baby sweater in as well. I must get busy on some more -- my cousins are due in the upcoming weeks.

Rachel asked if we could make her a purse from an old pair of trousers. This is what materialized:

I'm brainstorming the next purse/bag. This time I'll have to sell it rather than keep it. :) I know I'm supposed to start thinking about Christmas presents, but I really don't want to! Michael says, "Don't think about it!"


Catherine said...

Beautiful work!

Lovella said...

Heather your knitting is just beautiful .. .so perfect. I love that felted purse. . .oh boy. . I really have to get my knitting needles out again .. after all I am supposed to do that as a grammie. .. right?

Heather said...

Heather - your handiwork is so pretty - I love the neat even stitches on your baby sweater - your felted purse is so lovely and Rachael's pants purse is wonderful too! You've been hard at work!

willow said...

I've been waiting for a picture of the sock knitting! - it looks great, well done. Did anyone warn you that sock knitting is addictive?
The bag is lovely.

Anonymous said...

I love the new bag!