Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

Saturday we celebrated sister birthdays. Emily and I are 9 years and 4 days apart. After much discussion, we decided on what to do.

First, the three of us headed to two local Goodwill stores since everything was 50% off! We scored pretty well between the three of us:

Then we headed to a nearby village to enjoy lunch at "The Sanctuary". It was a beautiful, snowy weekend and here are some views from the car:

Once again I had my childhood wish of snow for my birthday.

The Sanctuary is an art gallery housed in an historic church building. It is so tastefully decorated and the restaurant side is made for elegant relaxation:

We sat up on the balcony where we could watch the goings on from above:

Lunch consisted of some terrific food including this butternut squash puree. We also enjoyed a vegetable panini, which was amazing.

Here we are, ready for a few hours rest before the evening's activities:

In the mean time, Michael was occupying the children by taking them to Christmas on the Farm.

It was a cold day to be out, but the children enjoyed meeting the real reindeer.

They also walked around the weekly farmer's market, which seemed a bit expanded for Christmas:

They stopped by Michael's friend's booth to see his honey and buy one of his scrumptious bees wax candles for me!

The honey man's wife paints eggs with wax. Aren't they beautiful!

Definately a festive sight!
The children started off on a "sleigh ride" behind the tractor but I guess the weather conditions were such that even the tractor couldn't make it:

So, that meant it was time for some hot chocolate:

A few bluebirds found outside in the snow:

Christina and JK had the family over in the evening for birthday dinner. Here is Christina's beautiful mantle:

Andrew made Uncle Bill a glasses strap, which Uncle Bill is now wearing with pride: :)

The table was sumptuously decorated:

Emmy made the rose centerpiece:

And the meal, as usual, was delightful!
The boys were happy to see Grandpa:

Then it was time for present-opening:

We decided on pavlova for dessert, with rasberries from our outing this summer:

Thanks to our family for the special day!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great birthday! Happy Birthday to Emily too!

Monica said...

What a fun way to celebrate! I often thought that it would be fun to have a family member with a close birthday- more reasons to celebrate!

I so missed going to the the Goodwill sale on Saturday. I'm sure it was great!

Rachel L said...

Happy Birthday Heather! What is the actual date of your b'day? Theodore's is on the 9th. Lovely pictures - that market looks like fun and what beautiful eggs - she should be featured in the Country Woman magazine or something with those lovely things - so pretty! The sale at the Goodwill sounds fun and the restaurant looked lovely. So glad you had such a nice day and nice celebration. Loved all the snow pictures too.
Rachel L

Christina said...

Ah, that was so much fun. What good memories. It looks like the kids had fun too!

Mrs J said...

A belated but very happy birthday wish from me!

Lovella said...

What a wonderful birthday. . .I love those snow pictures and the kids at the Christmas farm. . .oh how fun.
Happy Birthday to you and may you be blessed.

Heather said...

A belated happy birthday! What a special time you all enjoyed! I love the way you celebrated your special day - lots of imagination! Your food pictures are making my mouth water - and I'm not even hungry! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time! May the Lord bless you with many more years to enjoy the blessings of faith and family!

A Little Bunny said...

happy birthday! a little late... computer issues abound. and thank you by the way for the lovely wedding napkins i have been using them constantly for all kinds of things, so pretty and usefull! now to get my thankyou notes out...

Anonymous said...

Ems center piece is beautiful!