Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I thought I would share a few snapshots from the past few days. These are some of the memories I want to hold onto for the years ahead.

We enjoyed a little impromptu Christmas tea last week with friends -- one of those "bring whatever's in your cupboard"-type teas:

We used my new tablecloth from my Goodwill 50% off trip and the Christmas china I was given in Scotland:

Festive colors predominated:

Over the weekend we tried out our new snowman and snowflake pancake forms which arrived in a surprise box on the doorstep: (only the snowman is pictured -- that round pancake is NOT a snowflake :) )

Rachel has taught herself to play two Christmas carols on the piano. I'm very proud of her. She had fun playing with her friend Sunday afternoon:

Cookie Baking, some of which is going on even as I type:

I am quite sure that one of the most delightful memories I will take from this season is attending the Frog and Toad Broadway show with Rachel, Andrew and James. Put on by a local acting company, it was really an oustanding performance.
Pictured are Frog and one of the Birds:
I grew up listening to my mother read Frog and Toad books and then I began reading them to my own children. We have even written our very own Frog and Toad Valentines story. So, it was quite sentimental in a way, to attend this show.
Here's Toad:

Brenda at CoffeeTeaBooksAndMe suggested last year that people make a list of what they want to do over the holidays and prioritize it so you can actually accomplish something. Otherwise, one feels rushed about trying to do everything and feeling as though you're not doing anything.
One thing on my list this year was to take the kids to the Children's Museum for the Yule Slide:
And yes, I did actually take James to see Santa. We don't "do" Santa, and I was sure my husband would think I was nuts, but I thought it would be cute.
James was the perfect age and was very talkative, answering all of Santa's questions. He did seem to get stumped on the naughty/good question. He told Santa he wanted a costume to dress up like Santa for Christmas. :) Fat chance, James.
We enjoyed all the festive displays:

My Uncle Bill went with us and he and I had an hilarious time taking pictures of ourselves in the funny mirrors:
Here's a group shot:

Half way through our visit I found myself jogging out to the parking lot to make sure I had turned the lights off. It dawned on me at that moment: last year I was here at the Museum in a wheelchair and this year I was here without Michael and able to actually jog all the way down and out to the car (okay, I was a little sore the next day). Praise the Lord for His mercy to me in restoring my health. It makes me feel like crying.
The kids and I have a mountain of cookies to decorate this afternoon and a huge pile of Christmas books from the library to make our way through.
The baking list for tomorrow is striking a bit of fear and trembling into me, but I'm sure it will get done.
I do hope that you too are finding special memories tucked here and there among the rest of life that has to happen. Christmas greetings to you all!


Catherine said...

Your Christmas china is beautiful! I'm so glad you're feeling well enough to do so many fun things this Christmas!

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks for your visit, it's always nice to get your comments:)

Now that our family day is over, I feel that I am in a great position, I can walk around the shops and not feel under pressure!!! I know we had a lot of balloons, but tomorrow we will give them to a couple of neighbours and they will put them on their children's bedroom floors so when they wake up they will have a nice surprise!

Hapy Christmas Heather!

willow said...

Hello Heather,
Happy Christmas to you and all the family. You certainly have been busy. I will think of you on Christmas Day pulling your Christmas Crackers!

Heather said...

Heather - what a blessing - I am so happy that you are making such precious memories with your family - and for your restored health! what a joy - and for my heart, just a bit of extra hope and reminder that our Saviour is still in the business of healing and restoration!
Loving Christmas wishes to you all!
P.S. I'm just starting my Swedish teas ring! I always make two as well, and I loved the thought of sharing yours! You are a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I'm so happy that you are feeling better!!

Lovella said...

I have often thought about your healing this year. . .God has shown me a rose bud opening up in your life.
Many blessings as you treasure each moment with your beautiful family.