Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas -- Presents

I suppose it is about time to start posting some Christmas pictures. I'm sorry there are so many, but part of the reason for this blog is to give Grandparents and others who are far away a better glimpse into our lives, so here goes.....

The children came out of their rooms at precisely 8:00a.m. Christmas morning and headed downstairs to open their stockings. They are allowed to do this on their own and they had a lot of fun!

We joined them shortly after 9 am. and started getting the brunch organized.

A few elves arrived sometime after 10:

Then it was time to open the presents, enjoy some tea, and nibble at the food.

Emily had gone to great lengths to make her gifts pretty:

Andrew made or bought presents for everyone. He had $13 saved and on Monday I took him out to shop for everyone on his list. It was so fun to be out with him and I hope that we make it a tradition in the coming years. Here he is with David and the present he bought for him:

Uncle Bill made the kids parachutes and helicopter wings:

Andrew quilted a trivet for Grandma:

Baby had SO much fun with everything:

Em chose a comfortable chair from which to enjoy the morning's festivities:

I loved this picture of the boys watching Michael:

Handing out gifts:
Mommy's new apron, made by Auntie Em, along with her new necklace:

Baby wanted no help whatsoever in opening presents. Note all the shreds of white tissue paper since he couldn't get the bow off first:

This is what Uncle Bill calls "creative tissue":

Andrew and James received army outfits, which they love:

Grandpa arrived with a beautiful wooden barn for the kids to play with (I didn't get a picture of it yet):

Here is our new painting from my parents:

I've saved all the food pictures for a separate post. :)
In the mean time life is getting back to normal, somewhat. We had a nice day of school today and then there was the regular grocery shopping to attend to.


Heather said...

Great pictures Heather - it looks likes you all had such a lovely time together - what a blessing! Baby is not so much a baby anymore - he's quite the little man! What a lovely tradition to start with Andrew - teaching him to have a giving heart will be a blessing to others as he grows! I looks forward to more pictures!

Rachel L said...

Hi Heather,
So nice to see all the pictures - I think I'd like your Uncle Bill - he looks fun! And he makes great cranberry sauce! :o) Beautiful apron and I'm looking forward to seeing the barn - how fun!
Rachel L

Ruth MacC said...

We are so blessed to have a family. It looks like you had such a nice morning. I particularly like the idea of your son sewing a gift. I have taken note and hope to et Sean to do the same for next December. I am on the look out for gift ideas.

I also think Uncle Bill 'looks fun!'

Anonymous said...

I love the pic of Em in that chair! She looks so relaxed, but very elegant at the same time! Your apronis really cute too!