Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Today I'm participating in Creative Kitchens over at Reflective Ponderings. The topic is Christmas Cookies!

I have so many special memories tied to baking Christmas cookies. Every year as a child, without fail, mom helped us make what we called "cookie cutter cookies." Mom made the dough and rolled it out and we took turns choosing from our little collection of cutters what we would cut out. There were ducks, stars, trees, a tiny gingerbread man, hearts, and a few other animals.

As a child, I was always mesmerized by the fancy cookies we would find at church gatherings or friends' houses. Whether for economy, or practicality, our family always and only made cookie cutter cookies (and the traditional batch of Scotch Shortbread).

Once I got married I went wild with abandon at my new-found cookie freedom. I collected recipes from library books and eagerly chose quite a few to try. I made dozens and dozens and dozens of cookies!

However, my wildness was finally checked by the realities of lots of small children and ill-health. It is now further checked by the fact that I'm not supposed to be eating sugar or white flour!

That brings us up to the present year where we come to a happy median. I have decided on three kinds of cookies, knowing the children need the memories of this family tradition. I plan for us to make Cookie Cutter Cookies, Thumbprints, and Candy Cane Cookies.

We started last Saturday with some Candy Cane Cookies, which were introduced to us a few years ago by our friend Karen:

We gave David wee bits to "play" with:

Andrew decided he'd rather unwrap (and smash up) the candy canes for sprinkling on top:

Rachel worked very hard:

James also worked tirelessly the entire time:

The best part was trying out the finished product:

Definately worth the effort:

Baby couldn't be happier:

It's even better than playdough!

Aren't they pretty!

I must admit, these cookies are very tempting!


Heather said...

Yummy cookies guys - and a great way to make memories! We love baking all together - but it is best when Daddy comes home just in time to sample and read to them while I clean up the kitchen - or even better - volunteer to clean up for us! I have so many memories of baking with my mum as a teen, but not before that since I was a messy and she is a cleanie (to the extreme back than, but she has thankfully relaxed over the years!)

Lovella said...

I'd sample one of those cute cookies from your darling babies anytime. . .oh I just can't wait to get into the kitchen with my little ones. .