Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From Jeans to Aprons

Two days before the shower last week, an ideal theme dawned on Emily. In highschool, Emily and her friends had read and passed around the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants books. We decided we needed jean aprons for the bride, and for prizes.

Here's what we started with: a pair of Emily's old jeans:

Here's what we ended with: an apron! You can google "jeans to skirt" and come up with some very helpful tutorials. It was not hard at all!
And this is one of the books mentioned above:

The girls all signed the apron for the bride:

And here are the prize aprons. These were made out of a jean skirt which was cut in half. They were very, very simple. I used one long piece of material to make ties which threaded through the belt loops. Iron-on decorations completed the look:

I'm sure I'm not done with turning jeans into something else. Bags are really fun too! I just love taking things and turning them into something totally different!


Monica said...

What a great idea- and meaningful, too!

Heather said...

What a great idea - very cute and creative! Great job! I love re-fashioning - I have another purse on the go made from a pair of khaki jeans - and I just cut out another 'field bag' for our two explorers - out of a pair of men's military fatigues. Fun fun!

Alaina said...

Very cute idea! Seriously, you should write a book!

Also...you won the Starbucks card!

darrint said...

I wonder if that's marketable. Even I can see the cool factor of this.

Anonymous said...

that is amazing!! I love it!! I think you should make me one! :P