Monday, June 15, 2009

A Full Life

Life has been pretty full around here lately with little time to blog about it all. A favorite time from last week was when Rachel and I snuck away to the Village Yarn Shop for some knitting and a "girl outing."

I have lots of good food and books to blog about but they'll have to wait as we are off to Church Camp this week. The kids are so excited and we parents are too, but there is still ALL the packing to do before we leave at lunch time. So I better run...... Have a good week!

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Ruth MacC said...

Hope you all have a good, and godly time. After you come home and sort out ALL that washing etc., and if you have time will you see if you can help me out with something...?

I can't continue to teach my son after the age of 13. He will have to go to secondary school. He has been accepted into the one that we really wanted him to attend, I am very glad to say. I am thinking of having a party for him just before his 13th birthday in 2011 to mark the end of his learning at home, his journey into being a teenager and the start of his regular school life. Have you any ideas? What do people usually do in the US?

Would be grateful for any ideas or advice you can give.