Thursday, June 25, 2009

Uncle Bill's Birthday

Uncle Bill was in town for a short visit at the beginning of June. With his birthday just around the corner, a family dinner was in order.

We opted for hamburgers with various toppings (avacado, mushrooms, tomato, cheese, onion, prosciutto), oven chips, salad, and dessert:

Having a large group around the table, with good food, is always a treat:

The colors were very summery:

David has decided Miss Suze is his best friend:

There were presents:

And cake.
Em made the cake from something she saw in Real Simple magazine. It was a rice krispie crust (melted chocolate chips and rice krispies) filled with icecream, topped with fruit and chocolate sauce over all. Pretty impressive (and pretty easy too).

For those who preferred less sugar, there was strawberry shortcake -- my most favorite, and most-used early summer dessert:

Everyone enjoyed dessert:

Especially Uncle Bill:

With all the excitement, there was no time to put the little boys to bed. Eventually nature intervened:
And now Uncle Bill is off for the summer to Long Island where he'll be enjoying the beautiful water, good friends, and hopefully good food too!


Lovella ♥ said...

My mouth often waters at your blog. . .love the little fellow sleeping on and off the chair at the same time.

Margaret said...

That cake Emily made looks delicious! Rice Krispys and everything! I'll have to get the recipe from her.

Ruth MacC said...

Happy Birthday from Ireland Uncle Bill! I cant believe the cake, it is brilliant! I have copied it and am posting it on my blog!!!

Anonymous said...

love the cake idea!