Friday, June 26, 2009


It' s been 12 days since my garden looked so very sad:

Twelve days since the Miracle Gro was first applied. Wouldn't you agree -- there's a huge difference!!!!

While we were at church camp everything sprung to life and GREW! We even have baby squash!

And we actually picked our very first radish yesterday:

Everyone was so eager to try it so we cut the radish into 5 bits. Our excitement ended in tears when we realized how spicy these radishes are! I guess just the adults will be enjoying them.
I'm so happy that the garden is doing so well!!! I was beginning to think it would be a disaster but now I'm pretty confident we're going to have some good produce.


Christina said...

It looks really good! So sorry about the radish -- that's kinda sad. I bet the kids were so excited about "eating" something from the garden.

melly~ said...

yay you!

this is our first year gardening and i'm finding it absolutely enjoyable. even the disasters. :)


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Most of my garden has taken off since it has been so hot.

I don't think the tomatoes are going to do well. They didn't like all that cold, rainy weather.

I just heard today that the long range forecast is for the really hot and humid weather to leave. :)

Heather said...

I'm so glad your garden is taking off - our tomato plants are 5' tall and I don't have enough stakes to keep them tied up - I gave my tomato cages away to a fledgling gardener, sure I would replace them after the last move, but they are $$$! Are you keeping a rain gauge to make sure you get the water requirements consistently? Spicy radishes often mean not enough water - which is odd since we've had a nice amount of rain in the MidWest - perhaps you've been missed - or you might not have enough organic matter in your newly tilled and planted garden to hold the moisture in - you added peat moss (I think), but you might need to add some more organic stuff this fall - maybe some mulched leaves would help! For a first year garden effort, you are doing terrific! I don't use miracle grow on anything we eat, but it sure makes a difference with the flowers!