Saturday, July 18, 2009

Catching Up

Thank you all so much for your anniversary wishes!! We had a lovely time celebrating. We had dinner outside on a rooftop overlooking the city. Despite the very cold temperatures and the windy storm clouds above, we enjoyed some really good food:

Cornish Hen with blueberry sauce:

I'm afraid this post is long -- I've been taking so many pictures and just want to post them before we leave on vacation.
I made some cakes for a shower for Margaret this past week. This one was a lemony white cake with cherry filling and cherries on top. Very bridal looking:

The most popular cake was this carrot cake, which I'll need to share the recipe for someday. It is so good!

I managed to find something pretty to wrap my present in:

We had a scrumptious pizza earlier this week -- pre-cooked homemade base, spread with ricotta cheese, topped with assorted veggies such as mushrooms, red onions, then mozzarella and then zucchini on top. I sprinkled herbs and lemon zest on top after it was cooked:
The garden is flourishing!!! I'm going to pick our first squash today. I think the tomatoes and beans will start arriving when we return from vacation:

I've spent several days washing all the wool I ripped out from thrifted sweaters. It took awhile to get it all through the process, but I now have plenty of wool for winter knitting. I wonder what the neighbors think?

We pitted and froze 30 pounds of cherries this week. A messy job, but the kids enjoyed it. :)

Another knitting project is off the needles:

Summer food is so beautiful and delicious!

The first peppers from our garden:

Sunday afternoon tea:

How strange to look down and notice one is eating an entirely YELLOW dinner!

Suze and I had a food fun night where we made various items. Suze brought several types of shrimp -- I made pizza. Well, we didn't plan beforehand, but it was still good together!

Another yummy summer meal of fresh pasta, salad from the garden and roasted sausage with veggies:

It's so fun to pick lettuce from the garden!

London Broil was recently on sale for $2 a pound. Four pounds fed us and company for 2 meals!!! Definately a good deal:

Tomato quiche (More With Less Cookbook) -- a good summer dinner:

And now, I am off to shop, pack, cook, organize, email, pay bills, plan Sunday School, and otherwise prepare for being gone for 2 weeks. See you in August!


willow said...

Have a really lovely holiday, Heather. Your holiday will overlap with mine so I'll "see" you in three weeks time when I'm back. I am looking forward to hearing about your trip.

You've done really well with your garden after the worrying start! The peppers look good especially since you haven't had a hot summer so far.

Amy K said...

So glad you guys had a nice anniversary! And look at how beautiful your garden is. It looks terrific now!

Ruth MacC said...

Haven't time to check out your photos, will take my time and appreciate them another time:0)

Thank you for your prayers and visits. I am so silly, I didn't think about you needing a different dvd player to watch the dvd I sent you.

I hope you ;;have a safe and restful time away. Really I do. Thanks again for your friendship. Means a lot to me during times like this sister:0)

Karen said...

Hi Heather,

I'm fairly new to your blog, but have really enjoyed your photos and writing. Can you please tell us more sometime about how you launder your thrifted wool from sweaters? I have a sweater in my craft closet waiting to be taken apart so that I can use the wool, but I had thought that I would need to launder the sweater first, as a sweater, and then take it apart. Is it better to take it apart before laundering and, if so, how do you launder it without making a huge mess of the yarn?

God's blessings!

Mrs J said...

Enjoy your holiday! We are off tomorrow as well.

Karen said...

Thank you so much, Heather, for visiting my blog and sharing your helpful information on how to launder thrifted wool! That was so kind of you, and I'm definitely going to try your method, including using the weights for when the wool is drying to get the kinks out before I use it for knitting. You are so generous to share this helpful information. Thank you! :-)

Seán MacC said...

thanks for praying for my dad, he adopted me yesterday get more info at my blog.

Ruth MacC said...

Miss you! Hope you are having a great hol!!!