Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Making Jam

Christina and I got together to make jam last week. It's something we love to do. Cooking up fruit and ladling it into jars makes us feel like we are "playing house." It's a lot of work, and perhaps not extremely cost-effective, but it pays dividends in "feel goodness."

Tea was a necessary companion.

We made jars and jars of strawberry freezer jam and then took the plunge with the cherries we picked to make some proper cherry jam. It came out quite well!

The color of fresh strawberry jam is just amazing!

Now we are contemplating what's next. Black raspberries are in season, but it takes hours and hours of work in our woods, over days and days, to pick enough and I just don't feel like pushing for it. Perhaps raspberries will be the thing.


A Little Bunny said...

i think im going to foray into the world of canning this year. i have been reading 'petersons guide to edible wild plants' trying to find some intersting things to pick and eat.

im planning to try rose hip jam and maybe dry some for tea (im totally addicted to tulsi tea sweet rose tea yummm). im also thinking about various things to try making into flour like clovers, cat tail roots and acorns. i really need to update my blog again!

Lovella ♥ said...

my mouth is watering. . .I'll be over with my fresh baked bread. . .

willow said...

Hello Heather,
Our internet connection is still a bit erratic but I've managed to catch up on your posts. You are having a very busy and productive summer and the garden looks promising.
It is so hot here, 30C each day and still hot at nights so i haven't felt like doing much with my fruit, I've bottled my gooseberries but the blackcurrants are in the freezer waiting for cooler days. Your strawberry jam looks lovely.

Mrs J said...

I have bottled (canned in US speak?) my first strawberries & you may have tempted me to return to the Strawberry farm for more!